Health care executive receives ‘Valiant Woman’ award

Director of Government and Community Affairs for the Bronx-based Beth Abraham Family of Health Services (BAFHS) and longtime community leader, Jacqueline Kennedy-Saddler, has been awarded the “Valiant Woman” award by the Brooklyn-based Church Women United.

President Ophelia Perry presented the award to Kennedy-Saddler at the organization’s recent 34th Annual Awards Luncheon.

“I know that each day my work with Beth Abraham Family of Health Services allows me to serve those people most in need in our community,” said Kennedy-Saddler.

“I am honored and humbled by the kindness of Church Women United in Brooklyn in presenting this award to me,” she added.

In her role at BAFHS, Kennedy-Saddler coordinates government, faith-based and community affairs programs.

Additionally, she serves her Brooklyn community as coordinator of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Senior Citizens Taskforce; co-chair of the 36th Council District Senior Citizens Task Force; co-chair of the Brooklyn-wide Interagency council on Aging, and vice president of the Senior Ambassador Volunteer Program.

Prior to embarking on her career in healthcare, Kennedy-Saddler was the executive assistant to State Senator Velmanette Montgomery.

“We are delighted to recognize the years of good work undertaken by Jacqueline Kennedy-Saddler on behalf of the frail, elderly, chronically-ill and disabled people throughout the New York City area,” Perry said.

“She remains an example to our community and truly represents the essence of what it means to be a ‘Valiant Woman,’” she added.

Considered a leader in providing residential, home- and community-based, healthcare programs and services, BAFHS includes the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (CNR) in Brooklyn.

Church Women United in Brooklyn is one of 1200 local and state units of the nationwide Church Women United organization.

Founded in 1941, Church Women United is a racially, culturally and theologically inclusive Christian women’s movement, celebrating “unity in diversity and working for a world of peace and justice.”

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