Haitian Hip Hop superstar Black Alex shot dead

Haitian Hip Hop Superstar and rap artist Black Alex has died from gunshot wounds, according to Smith Georges, the artist’s New York-based producer.

Georges said Black Alex, “a national treasure”, died in Haiti on Nov. 13. He was 39.

Georges said Black Alex was born in the affluent Port-au-Prince suburb of Petion-Ville on Oct. 16, 1976.

Black Alex was one the famous King Posse musicians, Georges said.

“He was shot several times when a struggle ensued, which was triggered by someone who came to rob him of his gold chain that was donated to him by the Haitian international superstar Wyclef Jean” Georges said.

He said when Black Alex was nominated to receive the Haitian Heritage Awards (HHA) in New York, Haitian-American writer, poet Naomie Dieudonne traveled to Haiti to locate him.

On May 6, 2015, Georges said Black Alex signed a five-year contract with him. Georges is the president of HHA and president of the Haitian-American International Chamber of Commerce.

Georges said HHA produced two songs with Black Alex, entitled Kenbe m pa Lage mâ, in creole, and Black is Back.

Both songs were recorded at Oh Sound Studio in Petion Ville, Georges said.

He said a music video of one of the two songs was also made by Oh Sound Studio, featuring Haitian model Blondine Cajuste.

Georges said Black Alex’s solo album “is due out soon.”

He said Fred Lizaire and Riro Dominique are among those who who helped Black Alex in his career.

He is survived by a daughter.

Georges can be reached at (347) 208-2155, or email at whygeorges[email protected].

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