Haile King Rubie marks birthday, art installation

Haile King Rubie, a Harlem based and Down Syndrome challenged artist celebrated his 22nd birthday on May 20 at the site of the permanent installation of his work “Welcome to Harlem” by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, in association with the Harlem River Park Task Force and Harlem Community Development Corporation.

The work is etched in steel and permanently installed at River Artist’s Cove near 139th Street on the Harlem East River. The setting is an environmentally self-sustaining garden. This is not only a momentous occasion for Haile, but also for the 14 other artists whose work is also permanently installed along this naturalistic and art haven.

Haile’s work is featured in an elegant ladies bag collection, a unisex t-shirt collection and greeting cards for all occasions. The artist noted that three of his paintings are now housed in a permanent exhibit in Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Pediatrics Heart Unit and its Emergency Unit among other exhibitions now on view in the metropolitan area. “There is much to celebrate,” noted his proud father Bernardo Rubie, “two years ago Haile underwent major open heart surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital.”

Haile’s works of art are renowned throughout the nation and world. Although born with Down Syndrome, he is a shining example of the power of true will and unstoppable belief that all things are possible.

Haile has been a student of music and art at The Harlem School of the Arts (HSA) for over 10 years, and is helping the school raise funds to cope with its current economic challenges. The president of the Parents Association of (HSA), said, “Haile loves HSA and his caring was helpful to the school during our time of need.”

Haile, through his art, has helped to raise money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti. During that devastating tragedy, Haile and his family were able to get early aid to the victims in Haiti via Carl Thelemaque, Haile’s art teacher who was in Haiti at the time. Carl commented, “Haile is not only an exceptional student and artist, but a caring young man whose efforts and those of his family helped save many lives in Haiti.” Carl, who is working in Haiti to develop an art program to promote young Haitian artists, will continue working with Haile to raise funds to save lives in that devastated land.

State Senator Bill Perkins, on behalf of the State of New York and Councilwoman, Inez Dickens, on behalf of the City of New York; have both issued proclamations honoring this wonderful artist who is a proud member of the Harlem community.

Haile’s work can be seen on his website Hailesimoart.com or by visiting his studio located at 124 West 121 Street, Harlem, New York. Please call 646 261- 5334 for Gallery hours or email [email protected].

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