GUYEXPO to mark Guyana’s 50th Independence

President of the Guyana Action Committee Errol Lewis, Operations Director Bonita Montaque, Dawn Holder-Alert and Tameca Sukhdeo-Singh display GuyExpo 2016 brochures.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Expatriates will receive incentives in return for doing business in Guyana, this was stated during two dynamic presentations by Dawn Holder-Alert and Tameca Sukhdeo-Singh of the Ministry of Business who called on nationals last Sunday to participate in the May 12–15 GuyExpo 2016 as part of Guyana’s 50th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

Chairperson of GuyExpo 2016, Holder-Alert told Guyanese that their help is needed during the launch of GuyExpo 2016 at Legend Cookhouse in Ozone Park, which was facilitated by Guyana Consul General Brentnold Evans and the Guyana Action Committee.

“Guyana needs you, and there are incentives for persons that are serious about doing business in Guyana,” said Holder-Alert, adding, “I know with your help, GuyExpo 2016 will be the best.”

“The government has placed a lot of emphasis on celebrating Guyana’s Independence Jubilee with activities throughout the month with GuyExpo 2016, being the first major event on the calendar,” she said.

The themed 50 Years – Guyana Means Business, Promoting Enterprise, Driving Productivity expo, which will promote enterprise, products, services, technology and creativity, is a platform for businesses to showcase what “Guyana can do to attract investors so that our true potential could be realized.”

Holder-Alert, in bringing greetings from Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin under whose ministry the GuyExpo 2016 is being planned, said, “it is time for you to consider returning home to make use of the opportunities that are available in Guyana.”

“We would welcome potential companies and people who would like to share their talents in the field of science and technology, and set up science labs, urgently needed in schools and institutions of higher learning, as mandated by President David Granger,” she said.

Holder-Alert noted that the telecommunication sector lacks vital infrastructure in certain rural areas of Guyana where telephone service is inadequate and implored Guyanese to form partnerships and linkages with large companies in the U.S. that may want to expand their business in the South American country.

“GuyExpo is not limited to Guyanese business, but also businesses interested in doing business with Guyana,” said the former magistrate, who also invited Guyanese outside of New York to participate in the business expo and seek business opportunities in their homeland.

“We look forward to your friendships and business partnerships to spread the word. We need you to make GuyExpo a resounding success,” and called on Guyanese with ability to share their skills in workshops that will be held at GuyExpo 2016.

The chairperson and director of Guyana Competition and Consumer Affairs praised the hard work she, and Coordinator Tameka Sukhdeo-Singh have done to bring GuyExpo to fruition, and thanked private sector companies Digicel, Banks DIH, Ansa McAL, E-Networks, the Massey Group, and others, for helping them to reach their goal.

She also thanked Fly Jamaica Airways and Guyanese Captain Neil Savory, for facilitating their trip to New York.

“Be a part of Guyana’s growth and benefit from it,” said Holder-Alert, adding that she came to New York, to make a contribution to her country and encouraged Guyanese to do the same.

Sukhdeo-Singh who has worked at GuyExpo for the past five years is laying out a plan for small and medium enterprises to make their products export ready. She reiterated the importance of Guyanese in the Diaspora to find a product they love and partner with the Ministry of Business to open a gateway to the good life for Guyana’s development.

“Our tourism and hospitality product is not comparable to anywhere else in the region,” said Sukhdeo-Singh, reminding nationals of great products such as rums that are produced in Guyana.

“You are experienced, bring your skills to help develop areas that need development, said Sukhdeo-Singh who showcased previous expositions via a video presentation, she added.

Consul General Brentnold Evans in turn, said that President Granger would complete his mission by securing a good life for all Guyanese.

“This expo is an example of that,” he said.

He added that the government would act resolutely to carry out reform to build a resilient economy that is responsive to changes of the global economy.

“We will remove the remaining obstacles that keep our people disunited and invest in a skilled workforce in the next decade. This is the year of national unity,” said Evans quoting President Granger.

To find out more about GuyExpo 2106, visit, email [email protected] or call 592-219-0088 and 219-0086.

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