Guyanese prepare for Unity March

Members of organizations in the Guyanese diaspora, pictured, after joining the Guyana Unity Movement, (GUN), to plan the August 11, Unity March on Church Avenue., Brooklyn. From left, Clement Yhap, Leonard McClean, Sr. VP, GUM, Ervin “Washy” Washington, Kamla Asha Balbachan, Burgette Williamsforde, President of GUM, Sherif Barker-Fraser, Keith Langhorne, Sean Skeffers, and Sean “Flash” Gordon.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The Guyana Unity Movement (GUM) is setting the stage for an expected monumental Unity March on Church Avenue, Brooklyn, Aug. 11, to send a message, that Guyanese are in support of the Coalition Government for a second term in office.

Under the theme: UNITY, the parade will kick-off at the corner of New York and Church avenues, at 11 am, and led by ‘youth’ who are the focus of the Coalition’s mandate, as it prepares for up-coming general and regional elections.

President of GUM, Sherif Barker-Fraser, welcomed a wide cross-section of organizations and support groups from the diaspora at a July 27 forum in Brooklyn, to unite for a common cause, that will see Guyanese joining hands as they march East along Church Avenue, ending at Schenectady & Church avenues.

The Unity March will be followed by a massive cultural presentation showcasing Guyanese artistes, Adrian Dutchin, Suflantis, Chutney singing sisters, and others to show pride, patriotism, love of country, and unity among Guyanese.

“We came together to support this March, just as we did in 2015. It was the idea of GUM, back then, but we reached out to the diaspora and collaboratively, we were successful in executing the Unity March, attracting thousands of Guyanese, who came out in droves for unity,” recalled Barker-Fraser.

“Unity” principles guide every aspect of the work the organization does in the community, as such GUM felt it was very important to host this Unity March once again, with the support of groups in the diaspora which will join expatriates, to show togetherness, and Guyana’s development.”

Barker-Fraser, president of GUM, urged expatriates to come out with their flags to represent their country at a recent gathering in Brooklyn, to finalize the Sunday, Aug. 11, Unity Parade and rally, schedule to start at 11 am, at the corners of New York and Church avenues, Brooklyn.

Attended by social media members, the PNC-R, APNU / AFC North America Support Group, GUM members and others, Barker-Fraser lauded the groups for coming together, stating that the first Unity Parade in 2015, planned by GUM, who worked collaboratively, and saw success, with thousands of citizens participating in the event, after just three weeks of planning.

She recalled, due to the momentous occasion, which was the APNU+AFC Coalition victory in the 2015 election, energy was high, as such, she is hoping that Guyanese will bring those same sentiments to this Unity March, for another triumphant parade.

Senior VP of GUM, Ervin ‘Washy” Washington reiterated that Guyanese have vested interest in what is taking place in Guyana, and called on citizens to unite.

“We organized a rally in 2015, which was hugely successful, and that was to celebrate the victory of the Coalition government. We asked for change in 2015, we contributed to that change, and we got it. Now we need to keep the change,” said Washington, adding.

“We must keep that change by showing citizens in Guyana that they have our support, 100 percent. We are holding a rally, because we want the government to continue the work it is doing for all Guyanese. That is the sole purpose of this parade.”

“House to house registration is taking place. The government got citizens aligned with the process. We Guyanese are here because of our vested interested in our homeland, we have to show that support, by bringing everyone together so we could get other Guyanese across the diaspora, to come out and show that support. It is a Unity Rally,” said Washington.

The Unity Rally is expected to welcome some members of the Guyana government, and will be led by a marching band, local elected officials, youth organizations, and thousands of Guyanese and Caribbean national supporters, who will carry placards provided by GUM showing support for Guyana’s development.

Members of GUM, emphasized that the march will not promote any negativity towards any other party or the main opposition but instead it will advocate unity and support of Guyanese citizens.

“According to reports, people in North America are more in-tuned with what is going on politically in Guyana than the citizens who live there, as such, our reinforcement counts. The more Guyanese to come out, the louder the messages,” said Washington, adding, that this rally will inspire Guyanese at home. It makes sense to support the positive things that are happening in our country.”

The group noted further, that citizens of other countries living in America let their voices heard to represent their countrymen and women in the homeland, asking, “why can’t Guyanese do the same for their country.”

“We marched for unity and change in 2015, and most of us have seen that change. We all look forward to continued change and success in Guyana,” assured GUM.

To learn more, visit, Unity Movement/facebook.

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