Guyana’s Independence celebrated with culture, honors at Borough Hall

President of the Guyana Tri-State Alliance, Patricia Jordon-Langford, Councilmember Mathieu Eugene, and Consul General of Guyana to New York, Hon. Barbara Atherly, join members of the organization and awardees.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

The Guyana Tri-State Alliance’s theme of unity and togetherness was expressed during the commemoration of Guyana’s 51st Anniversary of Independence, under the patronage of Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams and Councilmember Dr. Mathieu Eugene at Brooklyn Borough Hall on June 16.

The organization which celebrated its 26th year of hosting the event, presented the Golden Arrowhead of Achievement to Guyanese and a Grenadian, who have made significant contributions to the community. Citations from Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Congressional Service Awards from Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and Citations from Councilmember Mathieu Eugene were also presented to citizens.

The awardees are: Pandit Chunelall Narine, Karen Gray, David Correia, Mercedes Pierre, Dr. Kamini Doobay, Jacqueline Gulstone, Phd. Allison Butters-Grant, Brian Singh, Cloyette Harris-Stoute, Romola Lucas, Esq. Imam Rudy Zaman, Bishop Robin Diannanauth, Sydney Mahadeo, and Grenadian-born Michael Kevin Williams, associate editor of Caribbean Life newspaper, a honorary Guyanese.

Nine-year-old Sapphire Autumn Rose received the Golden Arrowhead of Achievement Youth Award for her excellence. She is the creator of D’Obvious fashion collection.

Guyanese and friends who enjoyed a mixed piano melodies and African drumming before the celebration began, were reminded to be united for the betterment of their community, by the Hon. Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough president, who delivered a stinging speech on division in the community, stating that it was imperative that Guyanese focus their attention and energies on unity.

“This community is too strong, too great, and too powerful to allow petty differences to divide you. You fought for your independence 51 years now because your contribution is honorable, said Adams who reminded nationals that America is the only country in the world that would not allow nationals to abandon their cultural beliefs, but encourage the hyphen between America and the other country because of the fusion that makes ‘us great,’” he said.

“Brooklyn will stay united. One country one Brooklyn,” said the politician.

Councilmember Mathieu Eugene, who always refers to himself as a Guyanese, acknowledged the work of the Tri-State Alliance, and was vocal about Guyanese constituents calling on the government to offer opportunities for their children who are the future of the society.

The councilman reminded compatriots of the discipline they adhere to wile growing up in their homeland, stating – “We must stand together for a better quality of life for our children,” said Eugene.

And while acknowledging Guyana’s 51st year as an independent nation, and the struggles Guyanese overcame after three hundred and fifty years of Colonial rule, Consul General Barbara Atherly applauded the awardees of doctors, lawyers, CEO, entrepreneurs, and religious leaders, for their proactive nature to do something for others, for country, and for self.

The diplomat encouraged Guyanese to continue to invest in their homeland, in areas of remigration, personal remittances, shipments, and the establishment of various overseas-based chapter and organizations — ways to grow Guyana, she said.

“I wish to encourage Guyanese in the Diaspora, to contribute to the development of our homeland. Recipients, we recognize your contributions to the growth and development of our country by awarding you the Golden Arrowhead of Achievement. It represents a lasting memento of your patriotism, discipline, and dedication to duty, which facilitates unity and security for generations to come, in peace, happiness and prosperity of Guyana,” said Atherly, who thanked the Tri-State Alliance for its contribution.

President of the Tri-State Alliance, Patricia Jordon-Langford in turn said Guyanese are filled with hope and expectations of significant changes in the economic future of Guyana, and the shaping of a land that is filled with promise of a nation growing towards honesty, integrity, self-esteem and most of all unity.

“Today let us renew our national spirit, our legacy and hospitality, unity and togetherness handed down to us by our ancestors that is our birthright,” said Jordon-Langford,” who congratulated the awardees.

Impressions Dance Theatre solo performer, Audra Dey delivered an inspiring interpretation of Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise” choreographed by Dance Director Verna Walcott, while Anthony Alleyne filled the courtroom with his resonant voice, singing “Total Praise.” Alleyne also sang the national anthems of Guyana and the U.S. to begin the celebration.

Bishop John Cummings of Restoration Temple and Kamini Doobay blessed the evening’s proceedings, while GTSA member, Yvonne Marcus delivered the vote of thanks.

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