Guyana designer to be honored

Governor of the United States Virgin Islands, John. P de Jongh, will present Guyana’s lady of fashion Sonia Noel with the Caribbean Fashion Ambassador Award, during a Fashion Week gala on Oct. 9, before a crowd of professionals and celebrities.

Winner of the Barbados-based Shabeau Magazine Award in 2007, Noel, whose contribution to the fashion industry in Guyana led to her creating the annual Guyana Fashion Week, will take this opportunity to unleash exquisite pieces on the Caribbean catwalk, of the Marriott Frenchmans Reef Resort in St. Thomas.

Noel, fashion designer extraordinaire and creator of Mariska, and “Ethnic Innuendo” collections, was the first Caribbean couturier to address a gathering at the prestigious Brown University in Rhode Island, on the topic of Caribbean Fashion, during Caribbean Heritage Month.

Always elegantly dressed, and known for her classic black and white attire, and alluring evening wear, designed from natural fabrics, Noel unveiled several boutiques throughout the Caribbean that showcases her creations and collections of other designers in the region.

A fashion industry professional for more than 10 years, Noel’s work was featured in China, Canada, and the U.S. and has received standing ovations at fashion shows throughout the Caribbean.

A talent to be reckoned with, this business savvy lady is commitment to sharing her talent and knowledge through her youth initiative. She also inspires other designers to use natural fabrics in an effort to reduce the dependency on synthetic fabrics, while highlighting the use of colors that matches the environment.

The fashion know-how Ms. Noel also uses her platform to address the topic of HIV/AIDS awareness in the Caribbean.

Noel expressed her excitement at being nominated for this acclaim, by saying “to be acknowledged for my contribution not only in the fashion industry in Guyana, but for all of my work, is an amazing feeling. This honor will propel me to do more in the future because I know we in the Caribbean have something special to offer to the world of fashion.”

Winners of the Guyana Fashion Week honors, Marcia De Santos, Nelson Nurse, Steve Bagot, Paul Burnett, and Alana Phoenix, will join Ms. Noel on the catwalk during the presentation.

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