Guyana Cricket Board resumes control

A High Court judge in Guyana has allowed the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) to resume control of the sport in the South American country.

Justice William Ramlall gave government officials 24 hours to remove the padlocks placed on the GCB office in Regent Street following which representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports handed over the keys to the locks to GCB Operations Manager Robin Singh in the presence of the media and the Guyana Police Force.

Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) President Raj Singh said he felt the ruling now allows the DCB to get on with its programs. He said there was room for the government to be involved such as assisting in getting the various associations functioning properly through the exchange of expertise and also in supporting the clubs in getting their respective grounds in order to facilitate the playing of proper cricket.

The International Cricket Council had strongly condemned the actions by the Guyana government, which was to intervene in the running of cricket in the country and reiterated at its recent meeting in Dubai its stance on government interference in the operations of the sport in any country.

The government had dissolved the GCB and replaced it with an Interim Management Committee (IMC) headed by former West Indies captain Clive Lloyd. The action was taken due to a dispute over its July 2011 elections.

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