Guyana Consulate NY launches new website

Deputy Consul General Jacquelyn Hamer and Consul Communications Specialist and Executive Officer 11, Aquafie Munroe.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Guyanese in the Diaspora will have easy access to a wide scope of functions on a new state-of-the-art website launched recently by the Guyana Consulate, New York as the consulate seeks to raise its profile by implementing new and innovative programs and initiatives, that will help support nationals and the overall development of services.

Deputy Consul General Jacquelyn Hamer said she built the site from the ground up to make it technology savvy, user-friendly and content-driven, making it seamless for citizens to use, she told Caribbean Life in the her Manhattan office, recently.

When visitors enter the website, Guyana’s beauty comes into focus through moving images. With a click, swipe or tap, users are directed to passport application status by entering a receipt number.

In addition, applications for birth certificates, and other documents would be updated daily. The second phase of the website — that will continuously be upgraded — will be interactive, allowing applicants to submit a form online. The government of Guyana, however, must approve this feature because of safety measures.

Mrs. Hamer, who worked with an outside contractor to build the site, said she wanted to make it comprehensive. As such, a community outreach page showcasing the consulate’s interaction with the community is also on the site.

Both U.S. and Guyana holidays, as well as information of the consulate’s programs through its e-blast database, will help expatriates to stay informed.

The website also has links to government ministries such as Tourism, Communities, Housing, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs page that allows the re-migrant progress to begin. The Guyana Chamber of Commerce and Go-Invest are also listed.

The Guyana Information News Agency (GINA) will keep Guyanese up to the minute with President David Granger, and his Cabinet, while live video feed of all press conferences and speeches are viewed by going to a video link.

Mrs. Hamer stressed that businesses should be listed on the website, and is calling on churches, alumni associations, non-profit, among others, to log on to the website and in-put contact information, such as e-mail and postal address that would be uploaded into a database. This would allow E-blast invitations to functions, as well as pertinent information to keep the community updated.

She also felt it was important to educate Guyanese on historic issues such as the Guyana / Venezuela border controversy, a hot button topic of which many citizens lack the knowledge.

Guyanese are also invited to host events, such as book signings, and cultural events, by signing up through the website.

Consul Communications Specialist and Executive Officer 11 Aquafie Munroe commended Mrs. Hamer for being instrumental in building the site, stating that the diplomat, who communicated exactly what the features of the site should be, influenced the design process.

“The emphasis was to make the site user-friendly, as well as interactive to limit calls to the office,” said Munroe, adding that the consulate received its SSI certificate, a safety mechanism that decreases hacking.

“Since we are dealing with personal information, we must make sure everything is secure,” added Munroe who asks that all Guyanese use the website, so the consulate could see it is appreciated.

The website brings the community to the consulate in a very resourceful way. In addition to getting to know the staff though the About Us page, the site will also showcase its events gallery that will capture indoor and outdoor activities.

An interactive feature that would allow a person to directly communicate with a consul staff is also featured on the site.

In addition to a quarterly newsletter that will also be launched in the fall, the consulate would constantly issue information to keep the Diaspora informed.

The Guyana Consulate is located at 308 W 38th Street, Manhattan, 10018, and could be reached at 212-947-5110 –

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