Grenadian creates safe, effective and natural hair-care products

As a young girl growing up in the village of Concord in St. John’s, Grenada, Caroline Henry-Packer dreamt of becoming a lawyer or maybe a journalist; but never the founder and owner of a natural hair care, body and bath business.

The venture launched in New York in March of this year grew out of a need in the hair care business for products that were natural, safe and effective. Named after the business owner’s maternal grandfather, Isle of Valentine James sells natural hair care, body and bath products inspired by the islands of the Caribbean.

“We have to be able to compete in the global market. We can only do so by utilizing what we already have in the lushness of the Caribbean islands. Too much of what we have in the Caribbean goes to waste. Our Caribbean governments must not miss the opportunity to capitalize on the unique herbs, aromatics and oils that can be produced and marketed to the rest of the world,” Henry-Packer.

Isle of Valentine James’ business model does not subscribe to the normal business model. Instead, the business venture seeks to bring attention to the islands of the Caribbean by manufacturing and distributing natural hair care, body and bath products, which are made from ingredients from the islands of the Caribbean.

“It’s really a social entrepreneurial endeavor. We are not in business just to make money. The idea is to use as much as is possible, ingredients from the Caribbean to make our products,” said Henry-Packer. “By so doing we hope to show case the Caribbean as a resource for ingredients in the cosmetic industry,” she said.

Isle of Valentine James manufactures and distributes natural hair care, body and bath products for anyone who is interested in using products which are not only gentle to use but whose production has been made with great consideration for the environment. For this reason, products are distributed in burlap bags as opposed to plastic bags because Isle of Valentine James believes that their biodegradability is safer on the environment.

The business encourages customers to do their part in living in a more natural way and to respect the environment. The brand epitomizes everything that namesake stood for, a simply Grenadian farmer who lived to be 99 years old.

The existence of this brand pays homage to him and all those concerned with sustainable living. “Our success is tied to the success of the farmers of the Caribbean. We hope that our decision will help empower the Caribbean people to become more interested and motivated to pursue sustainable farming, utilizing what the region best offers,” said Henry-Packer.

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