Grenadian caregivers excel

Caregivers at the Queen Elizabeth Home (QEH) celebrated their graduation from REACH Grenada’s Conscious Discipline Training Program on Friday, June 15, in Tempe, St. George’s. Mrs. Marion Pierre, executive chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Home, delivered a keynote speech to the 15 graduates and an audience of friends and community members.

The June 15 graduation, which marked the completion of the caregivers’ eight-month long training program, was sponsored by REACH Grenada and commemorated the certification of QEH caregivers in the area of Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline, a training program developed by Dr. Becky Bailey, equips teachers and caregivers with techniques that promote social-emotional learning in children. REACH Grenada worked in conjunction with neuropsychologist Dr. Barbara Landon of St. George’s University to adapt this training program to the specific needs of the Grenadian care home population.

Congratulating the caregivers on the completion of the Conscious Discipline® training, Mrs. Pierre had this to say:

“Congratulations…on your graduation. I do believe that what Conscious Discipline teaches can help not only the children you care of but your own, and maybe a future if you decide to go into childcare outside of Grenada… It was indeed heartwarming to hear those of you who gave testimony to the results of what you learned.”

The completion of this Conscious Discipline training is part of REACH Grenada’s overall Caregiver Education Program, which builds on the capacities of caregivers, increasing their ability to self-regulate and better attune with the children in their care. With their new Conscious Discipline® certification, caregivers are now empowered to creatively respond to daily conflicts and transform them into an opportunity to teach critical life lessons to the children in their care.

One caregiver reflected on the progress she and her fellow caregivers have made over the course of the training:

“The Conscious Discipline, oh my goodness, it’s been really good. Now we’re able to sit down and talk problems out with the children. Before, it was different-we would put them in time out…[Now] we’re able to sit with them and talk to them and teach them how to express their feelings to each other and to us caregivers, without having to fight.”

This training is currently in its fourth month at the Bel Air Home for Children and Adolescents, in Frequente St. Greorge’s. The success of the program at the Queen Elizabeth Home has now set the stage for the expansion of REACH Grenada’s Caregiver Education Program to more caregivers on the island.

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