Grenada’s PM seeks assistance for farmers

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has re-emphasised his support for Grenada’s agricultural development in general and the country’s farmers in particular during a meeting with a Brazilian delegation on Feb. 14.

The prime minister requested assistance in agriculture and alternative energy from the government of Brazil. These two sectors are part of the government’s five economic pillars announced in the 2011 budget, presented by Finance Minister Nazim Burke in January. The other pillars are tourism and hospitality services, health wellness and education services and information and communication technology.

Thomas requested assistance with mechanized tillers best suited for Grenada’s hilly terrain during a meeting with Brazilian Presidential Envoy, Jose Marcus Venicus de Souza, Diego Fonseca and Brazil’s Ambassador designate to St. George’s, Ricardo Diniz.

“We are very excited about the possibility of deepening relations with Brazil. We believe there are areas in which Grenada can benefit significantly from this relationship, especially in the area of agricultural development and energy,” the prime minister said.

Both Prime Minister Thomas and De Souza spoke of “a resolve to deepen relations” between the two countries. The Brazilian delegation also sought the support of the Grenada government for Brazil’s candidate for the senior post in the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

“We are at a time of reciprocal discovery. There are many, many avenues we can explore together,” the Brazilian Presidential Envoy told Prime Minister Thomas.

De Souza told Prime Minister Thomas that the country’s foreign minister will accompany the Brazilian candidate on a visit to Grenada, to attend the Feb. 25 and 26 Inter-sessional meeting of the heads of government of CARICOM, at the Grenada Grand Beach Resort.

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