Grenada to establish Twenty20 tourney

Grenada plans to establish its own International Twenty20 cricket tournament because its Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell believes his country will face victimization from the West Indies Cricket (WICB) over CARICOM’s call for the dissolution of the current governing structure and replace it with an interim body — a recommendation made in a special CARICOM report.

Dr. Mitchell was at the time speaking at the annual awards ceremony of the Grenada Cricket Association recently.

He said his government is taking measures as a contingency plan for the stance he and other regional leaders have taken.

The prime minister believes Grenada would be a victim of the WICB and he has already started holding discussions to establish a cricket tournament to utilize the cricket stadium.

“I expect because of the strong stance I’ve taken and the (CARICOM) leaders have taken with West Indies cricket… Because the change will come and I could assure you that change will come and that those who believe they can stand against the tide of the entire Caribbean people in a sport that defines who we are and believe that 12 men can sit in a room and decide the fate of the Caribbean region — joke they are making.

“It just can’t happen. I know because of the strong stand, we may not see games in Grenada right now because they like to victimize people,” Dr. Mitchell lamented.

He stressed that pettiness will not result in progress and will use Grenadian politics to get his point across.

“We have the stadium and lights and I think now we can work with the private sector and our friends regionally and internationally. We can establish our own T20 competition here to use our stadium. I want to sit and talk to the Grenada Cricket Association about this,” he added.

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