Glenroy March: Freelance stylist and fashion designer

Glenroy March.

House of D’Marsh had its genesis in Spring 2003 when designer Glenroy March launched his Spring collection during Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica’s capital city, Kingston.

This start gave rise to the pursuit of a passion by a talented Jamaican who would later go on to stun audiences not just locally but internationally.

With an eye for detail and perfection, the New York-based March, honed his design skills at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, obtaining practical experience while working in the costume department.

March received his early training from top Caribbean fashion house Uzuri International, where he excelled as an intern assistant designer. At age 21, March represented Jamaica at the internationally renowned fashion competition, “Total Look Award” in Toronto, Canada.

With a constant pulse on trends and new innovation combination, House of D’Marsh, seeks to marry sophistication with fashion-forward sensibility. “D’Marsh embodies a lifestyle. It represents everything I stand for; it is a representation of who I am,” notes March.

The 2008 McDonald’s Designer of the Year has taste, loves style and passionate about fashion epitomized in his ability to present beauty in new and interesting ways. March draws his inspiration from everyday surroundings, including architecture and people, noting that this can be influenced by mood, love and life in general.

The House of D’Marsh has received editorials in Glamour, Canada Life, Charlotte Life, Jamrock, and Buzz magazines, as well as reviews in Exami‌,, The Daily Observer, The Jamaica Gleaner and The New York Times.

March splits his time between his two brands, D’Marsh Couture and the ready-to-wear line, D’M by D’Marsh, but skillfully manages his time to continue his work as a freelance stylist.




American Academy of Dramatic Arts


House of D’Marsh, designer


March lists fashion designers Valentino, Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen among the designers who inspire him. He loves fabrics and is also inspired by colors of which red, black and white are favorites.


“It’s what I love, who I am, what I do best, what makes me happy. It’s my life. All I want to do in life. It’s what I think about. My joy stems from making people happy.”

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