Gilbert Bramwell: Dedicated to uplifting his culture

Gilbert Bramwell is a Jamaican small business owner. He is currently studying for his B.S in small business and entrepreneurship at Devry University of New York.

Rapid Rinse Laundry Cleaning Services was started in October 2013. Bramwell started it with a fellow colleague after he was asked about business ideas that have changed how we live.

Rapid rinse is a business that provides laundry cleaning and dry-cleaning services for its members, with plans to offer more features in the near future.

Bramwell chose the laundry industry because he felt it could work with his background in retail wireless customer service.

While the majority of Bramwell’s career has been spent working for T-Mobile, U.S.A., he also worked for Blockbuster Video and parents’ insurance agency, Peoples Insurance Center.

Before becoming an owner, he worked in wireless retail for 10 years, with eight years in retail management.

After two years as a sales associate, Bramwell was promoted to assistant store manager and then store manager seven months later.

He currently resides in East New York, and has been living in New York for 10 years.

Bramwell lived in Fort Lauderdale, Fl for 15 years, prior to moving to NY in 2004.




Owner/founder, Rapid Rinse Services, LLC


“The people I admire are my parents, Dawn and Gilbert Bramwell Sr. My parents have owned their own insurance agency for more than 20 years, and managed to raise four kids. So my intentions are to continue the tradition they have set forth with their work ethic and dedication to uplifting our culture through success.”

Favorite Quote:

“What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goal.” – Henry David Thoreau.

“That quote has always stayed with me, and it has proven true more often than not in my life,” Bramwell says.

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