Georgetown’s ‘Rising Star’

Lisa Punch.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Punch’s FB
Photo courtesy of Lisa Punch’s FB

Guyanese around the world are glued to their television sets as they vote at a fever pitch with a special App, to keep Georgetown-born songstress, Lisa Punch who made it through to the second round on ABC’s reality hit show “Rising Star” singing competition.

The former JD and radio show host who came from humble beginnings, caused a firestorm when she sang Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know” to raise the wall of voting to 80 percent and qualify during the show’s opening night four weeks ago.

Judges Ludracris, Kasha and Brad Paisley praised Punch after she wowed the crowd with her animated performance watched by millions on TV and broadcast from the California studio.

The Brooklyn resident who moved to the United States just eight months ago with a huge fan base, spoke passionately about following her dream and making a name for herself so that she could better the life of her family.

Like in most reality shows, such as American Idol where contestants shared their life story, Punch showed images of her rundown house in Georgetown where she grew up, and then described Guyana as a beautiful, but poor country.

This drew criticism from some Guyanese who said she portrayed her country in a bad light. However, Punch justified her honesty, and later took cameras to her Brooklyn two-bedroom apartment where she dwells with her mother, father, brothers, and sisters.

During an earlier interview with Guyana’s 94.1 FM, Punch was very candid about her life, stating, “I think it was very important for me to put my story out there because it shows that I just moved to America six months ago and look at what I have accomplished.”

The chanteuse, who has a powerful vocal range, is an intelligent experience media personality who graduated from Bishop’s High School, one of Guyana’s top educational institutions, seemed nervous on Monday, July 14 when she entered the Duel Show Off.

According to the Music Times online, Broadway singer Alice J. Lee was the clear winner in the first duel performance of the night but fortunately for Punch, who sang – “Perfect” by Pink – due the time difference between states, was saved by the West Coast audience to sing another round on the show, which was hosted by classical singer Josh Groban.

To vote for Lisa Punch, the public must download the “Rising Star” at Check local listings for the next episode at

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