From the kitchen to stores it’s lip-smacking good

Lorna Welshman-Neblett showcasing her Lorna’s Lip Smacking Hot Sauce at the Guyana Folk Festival in Brooklyn.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Lorna’s Lip Smacking Pepper Sauce — Guyanese style received rave reviews from customers who lined her kiosk at the recent Guyana Folk Festival in Brooklyn, to purchase the delicacy. “The relish is a must have, on cook-up rice, or any dish from back home,” said entrepreneur, Lorna Welshman-Neblett who is excited about her cottage industry.

The Scotch Bonnet peppers that are picked weekly from her Elmont, Long Island kitchen garden, are seasoned with Caribbean spices, bottled and distributed to markets in the community.

Lorna’s Lip Smacking Pepper Sauce that is fast becoming a popular produce, comes in three fused colors. The red ripened vegetable, Lorna explained, is flavored to suit any meal and adds zest to any BBQ sauce and stew.

The connoisseur of pepper sauce has made blending a science, using her secret ingredients to jazz-up the yellow scotch bonnet best with a savory mustard-based blend. She recommends a dash of the mix on grilled hotdog and hamburger, while the aged green scotch bonnet goes well with Guacamole and spinach dips, paired with plantain, or potato chips.

With her irresistibility smiley face emblazoned on the label of her pepper sauce bottle, Lorna no doubt is charming customers, who have been keeping storeowners busy with inventory.

The businesswoman remembers all too well in the summer of 2010, when she reaped her first big harvest of the Scotch Bonnet and asked herself, “What will I do with so many peppers?” Her question was quickly answered after friends tasted the first serving of the pepper sauce, and raved that it was lip-smacking good.

Today, the successful launch has led to a website: www.lorna‌shots‌ and home delivery in the New York area where the merchant is busy with door-to-door sales.

“Customers are offered a single 12-ounce bottle, priced at $7:00 and a tri-color pack priced at $12.00, a $3.00 saving,” said Lorna, who is bent on sharing her tasty flavored sauces with the community.

A former marketing executive with Thierry Mugler Perfumes, Clarins USA, the go-getter brings a passion and drive to her new business and credits her grandmother for motivating her to join a girl’s club in her homeland of Guyana.

“This is where I learned to make lots of pickled items and garnishes that our entire family enjoyed daily,” said the entrepreneur.

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