Frank A. Denbow, MD, MRCP

Already a practicing physician, Dr. Frank Denbow migrated from Guyana several years ago. He is an internist.

At the age of 10, a young Frank decided on his career path, growing up and observing his mother Dr. Enid Denbow, looking very smart with her stethoscope and medical bag.

“My mother is an amazing person who continues to inspire me,” he asserts. She was the first and only female chief medical officer within the Health Ministry for several years. Quite a role model! Even as a child, he was nicknamed “Dr. Denbow” by his friends.

Soon after completing his medical studies in Ireland, and post graduate training in the United Kingdom and Jamaica, he returned to Guyana in 1988 where he practiced at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Dr. Denbow was vice president of the nascent Guyana Medical Association, which helps promote continuing medical education — most recently 200 practitioners attended a continuing education session.

He and his family moved to the United States seeking specialized medical treatment for his wife.

The doctor’s passion for education equals his passion for health, “It has the potential of elevating even the most vulnerable among us.”

With the support of friends, in 2014, Dr. Denbow organized the Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Association (GJFA) to lend support to health and education in Guyana and Jamaica with a target for deprived communities.

“In health, we focus to improve the health of the residents in poverty-stricken rural areas,” he says. In education, the organization has adopted a primary school in each country to make it the best so others can look to it as a model.

Dr. Denbow emphasizes, “What it taught me is it’s not how bright you are, but if you have the right support structure you can achieve anything.”

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