Former US naval officer serves up American food

Christopher Millington in front of The American Eatery in BB Eccles, East Bank, Guyana.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

After ending his 25-year career, as an United States naval officer piloting ships in the military warfare service department, Christopher Millington decided to seek greener pastures in his native land of Guyana, where he now serves up a delicious menu of American comfort food.

The American Eatery, located off the East Bank public road that leads from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, opened its doors at 267 Flambouyant Ave. BB Eccles, last November, to rave reviews, and satisfied customers, who are enjoying hot dogs, the famous Juicy Lucy Burger, cheese steaks, gyro, and morning offering of waffles, pancakes and grilled cheese sandwiches. He also offers local fish and plantain chips, coconut water and cherry drink.

The re-migrant prides himself on preparing the best half-pound of juicy beef, or chicken burger with fresh vegetables, all sourced from local farmers, and sold at prices to suit the pocket of any hungry customer.

The American Eatery offers a (Uber) style delivery service, where a taxi driver, purchase the food and delivers it to any address.

The all-day menu of comfort food is served from 6 am to 10 pm.

Millington who returned to his homeland after migrating as a teenager, and lived in Hempstead Village, Nassau County, says he wanted to de-stress, and a lifestyle change, after piloting ships in the Navy. To this end, his first choice was his homeland.

Following in the footsteps of his grandparents, business owners, Edward and Doreen Millington (deceased) who operated Millie’s Hideout Night Club, in the 1970s that attracted executives of the Bauxite Mining company in Linden, Millington could be considered a blazer himself.

Like his grandparents, who created entertainment back when the Linden Highway was just built, Chris has created his own pathway. It feels like a rebirth for him.

He was also inspired by his other grandmother, Ismay John, to whom he gave credit for his entrepreneurial spirit.

He said after the first few years trying to find his way, spending many evenings sitting on the waterfront seawall, he observed vendors selling hot dogs, but not to his liking.

This inspired him to change the way the sausage and roll are prepared, as such, he brought out a hot dog cart, in the Seawall Bandstand area. The business became quit lucrative and made way for his now thriving business.

Millington is looking forward to the ‘Guyana Dream.” He hopes to increase sales, not only from locals but also from the thousands of re-migrants who are filling up new surrounding housing schemes.

“When I moved into this area, I found it difficult to find American food of which I had become accustomed, said the burley six-foot military man, adding, he had to travel to Georgetown for a good meal.

This motivated him to bring the eatery to Eccles, where a chicken yellow awning in from of the eatery, beckons hungry passers-by.

Millington is excited about offering a different option to customers. “Local food is good, but for those who like the taste of American, we are happy to serve the best,” said the entrepreneur, who advises, “if you don’t see it on the menu, ask for it.”

Calling ahead is also a good idea, for faster service.

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