Former Bahamas PM bows out

Former Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham recently tendered his resignation via a letter to House Speaker Kendal Major at the House of Assembly.

He confirmed his resignation from Parliament will be effective on Aug. 31.

Ingraham told the Bahamian media that he decided to delay his resignation to allow Greg Gomez, his preferred choice to run in the North Abaco by-election on a Free National Movement (FNM) ticket, to meet the constitutional residency requirement. Ingraham had earlier said his resignation would have been effective from July.

Gomez previously lived outside the country. The constitution requires that candidates in elections be ordinarily resident in The Bahamas for a year prior to nomination. Gomez is expected to meet the resident requirement at the end of August.

“It has been a singular privilege and honor to serve in the august House of Assembly of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” Ingraham said before a packed Minority Room of the House of Assembly.

The former prime minister also addressed a number of other issues. He said the approaching referendum on gambling should include the question of casino gambling. He spoke out against Bahamas Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade for making what he (Ingraham) claimed were political comments to Urban Renewal and condemned the decision of the government to end the contract of Hospital Administrator Coralie Adderely, although he said she has not yet received a letter. Finally, Ingraham said he would never accept a Knighthood if offered.

Following General Elections in May, Ingraham’s incumbent FNM lost power to the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), he announced his resignation as FNM leader and further shocked supporters by saying he was retiring from active politics and would not take his seat in the Assembly although he was re-elected for an eight successive time for the North Abaco constituency.

His resignation marked the 35th anniversary of Ingraham’s first election to Parliament.

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