Forgiveness may hold key to health, youthfulness

Generally, people believe that as they get older their beauty, health, and youthfulness diminish with age. For this reason, many lean toward plastic surgery, strenuous exercise, and harsh diet. However, this is not true for this writer, Minister Janet Lovell, 55, looking better today than I did in my thirties. My miraculous transformation was done without medical science or the above mentioned. My life changing health and wellbeing I attribute to the act of forgiveness. Medical research has shown that 80 percent of all health problems derive from negative emotions. Researchers at Stanford University have also confirmed that unforgiveness contributes to cancer and negatively affect the body’s Endocrine System—a built in mechanism to keep the body healthy and youthful.

I was sick for seven years; doctors were unclear on a diagnosis. Some told me I had Sarcoid, others said I had a nervous breakdown. The doctor who told me I had Sarcoid said it very casually, as if he was talking about a mere headache. Later, I found out that Sarcoid was a life threatening disorder with no cure. In my heart, I knew neither of them had any answers for me, yet I was dying in front of their eyes. Have you ever walked the streets in the summertime and saw a homeless person wearing a thick wool coat and itching all over? Well years ago, the person with the wool coat and itching was me! I wore coats in the summer time because I had no heat in my body, yet I would sweat under the coat while feeling very cold.

Thank God I am now alive and well.

I am free to live, I am free to prosper, I am free to love, and I am free to forgive.

Unforgiveness chained and froze me in a place of sickness, sadness and premature aging. This negative emotion stole my beauty, peace, health, and prosperity. Once this chain was broken, I was able to regain my beauty and health. Sometimes it seems as if I went back in time and changed my biological make up. After I started to forgive, I noticed the change in the contours of my face. I looked younger as I got older even though I was in my fifties. Prior to forgiveness, I looked like I had a swollen head on a slender body. My skin was wrinkled and thickened beyond exfoliation. Thank God; this is now over!

Forgiveness is really a treasure; take this precious gift and never let it go. It is impossible to live a peaceful, healthy life without forgiveness. Life comes along with joy and pain. You cannot have one without the other; therefore, forgiveness is needed to remove one’s emotional pain and health problems. Yes, people have or are currently attempting to hurt you, but you are not alone. If there was a “hurt club” looking for membership, I’m sure almost everyone would be eligible. Usually, the most hurtful pain comes from those you have trusted and loved.

When people ask me what they can do to make it much easier to forgive? I respond by noting the dangerous effects of unforgiveness. We need to accept everyone at their level of consciousness to avoid pain because negative people will hurt anyone simply because negativity is embedded in their spirit. A dishonest person in a relationship will continue to be that way until an inner change takes place. Expect the unexpected and never to be too trusting of anyone prematurely.

During my journey, I became very tired of doctors poking me with needles, and running test after test. Being at my wits end, I walked out of the hospital with a needle in my arm. I realized my condition was beyond medical comprehension and decided since God created my body, He can fix it!

I knew in order to receive healing I had to forgive. Therefore, I needed to begin the process. Encouragement came from my 12-year-old son, who pleaded with me saying, “Mom, just forgive dad and live!” When I saw the look in his eyes, I knew I had to tear down my mental and emotional barriers and embrace the act of forgiveness.

Many physical and mental ailments left my body once I forgave my loved ones. After I forgave my spouse, many symptoms began to leave my body instantly. Most importantly my breathing problems had ended. I was almost instantly able to breathe and walk outside without need of medical attention. My heart began to function perfectly and my sense of touch and taste came back to me. When I forgave my parents, I was able to hold and drink a cup of tea with my hands. I was also able to walk from my bedroom to my kitchen after not being able to do so for six months. After I forgave my siblings, my memory improved. I didn’t have to write down where I put things. My mind was put to ease and the constant itching stopped.

The most important part of forgiveness is making the decision to do so. Forgiveness initially begins with pain; therefore, many avoid the process. For this reason, a lot of people are in hospitals suffering, fearful of bad news concerning their health—not knowing that forgiveness can produce perfect health and put an end to their torment. If aware of the healing affects of forgiveness, a majority of them would walk out of the hospital in perfect health.

My message to all, especially women that have endured pain and hardship, is that nothing is worth your health and peace, forgive! Release your pain and dry your tears; God truly loves you! I encourage you to forgive and let go of negative memories; true happiness awaits you! Many blessings of love and peace to you! Please forgive and live!

Sr. Janet Lovell wears many hats including entrepreneur , author and seminar presenter. Her seminars include Unforgiveness Kills, Stress Release and How to Attract the Right Mate and Live in Peace.

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