Flatbush spa lifts area, improves your wellness

Photo courtesy of Serenity Garden Massage & Spa

Flatbush is buzzing with economic revitalization. From the construction of the Best Western Hotel, the refurbishing of the Kings Theatre and the construction and projected opening of a Gap Outlet along Flatbush Avenue and the construction of the IHop and Retro Fitness on Church Avenue along with retailers already there, Stop and Shop, Petco and Radio Shack, it is vividly clear that this area is quickly becoming a true contender for business growth and economic opportunities in Brooklyn.

But, there is one business, Serenity Garden Massage & Spa that promises more than economic opportunity and is dedicated to providing a service that can have a real lasting impact of people’s life. The company opened its doors in August 2014 to provide massages, facials, waxing and spa manicures and pedicures to the residents of Flatbush and its surrounding neighborhoods in a peaceful and relaxing environment. According to the Executive Director Dyonne Gordon, “By maintaining high quality service in a serene and beautiful atmosphere at very affordable prices, our goal is to give back to a community of hard working deserving people who can truly benefit from these services.”

On Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, the company will host its official ribbon cutting ceremonies. Guests are invited to indulge in a sampling of their wellness services including mini massages and facials, food, drinks and many prizes and giveaways. Several local officials and dignitaries are also expected to attend along with Monique Icabacci, territory manager and educator of Image, the official skincare line of the Ms. Universe Pageant Organization. The event is opened to the public. The ribbon cutting ceremonies will take place at Serenity Garden Massage & Spa’s elegant and cozy location, 944 Flatbush Ave. at the corner of Snyder and Flatbush avenues. The space is designed to provide relaxation and tranquility. To ensure a high quality of service they use the latest technology, use natural/vegan products, maintain optimum sanitation and employ a team of licensed practitioners who are committed to skincare and wellness.

Gordon recognizes the enormous feat that she and her staff face. According to the American Spa’s 2014 Industry Insider Survey of spa owners polled, African Americans make up only nine percent of their customer base. But Ms. Gordon went on to emphasize her commitment to improving the lives of the residents of this area and to doing her “little part” to combat the rate of high blood pressure and other stress-induced disease in her community. “My maternal grandmother died from one of these types of dreaded illnesses and while most of my aunts and uncles have not suffered from these conditions, I am devastated that these century-old techniques are not readily available in my community while we probably could benefit from them most. Money should never be a deterrent to good health and wellness,” she said. She stressed that given the benefits of massage therapy and facials and the percentage of Blacks suffering from high blood pressure and other stress-induced diseases, “we will make wellness a priority here and we believe that Serenity Garden will be a staple in this community.”

She takes pride in her community’s hard work and believes that we certainly deserve to have high quality wellness services available in a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, she takes great pride in performing a much needed service to the members of this community and it most honored to have the opportunity to educate and provide therapeutic services that could literally change a person’s life. When asked about how she feels about opening up a business on Flatbush Avenue, the heart of the Caribbean community, Gordon responded, “I am extremely honored to have the privilege to provide this much needed life changing service to hard working people and to be a part of the economic stimulation is this area.”

An immigrant of Jamaica, West Indies Gordon has been a resident of the Brooklyn community for almost 30 years. She has spent more than half of her time in Brooklyn living and studying in the Flatbush section. “I am familiar with the life and concerns of the residents of the Flatbush area,” she said in a statement. She earned a B.S. Business and Finance and a M.S. Education from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. Her interest in good quality skincare began almost two decades ago when her daughter suffered from preteen breakouts and she attempted many solutions but could find very little products that offered lasting relief. Due to a series of recent events and an unexpected opportunity, she decided to bring her dream to fruition and launched Serenity Garden Massage & Spa.

Gordon acknowledges that the road has not been easy in opening a new business venture but still realizes the benefits of the service and the advantages of. Futhermore she is confident that as she and her staff continue to educate the residents of the benefits of wellness services her company will thrive as more and more people become acquainted with her business and take advantage of a local “spaah-cation destination.”

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