Final stretch: Former Xaverian standout leading LIU baseball

It sounds like a cliché, but he doesn’t care.

Long Island University senior Charles Misiano knows some may call it a copout when he says he’s taking it one game at a time and one swing at a time, but he’s found success following that mantra this season.

The Blackbirds standout is not overlooking anything — a single moment or a single at bat — and it’s helped him notch one of his most successful baseball seasons to date.

“I’m just trying to help the team get to the playoffs so we can get a couple more games here,” Misiano said. “We’re just trying to control what we can control and that’s the next game that we have in front of us.”

Misiano is the first to deflect whenever someone mentions his own stats. He hit .342 in the Blackbird’s first 33 games, racking up 41 hits and 34 run scored, all of which led the team.

Still, the Bergen Beach native and two-time team captain puts winning games ahead of his own numbers.

“It is definitely more fun to play when you’re doing well,” Misiano said. “It’s [his performance] been helping the team, though, so as long as we win, I don’t really care if I go 0-for-4 at the plate.”

Misiano has worked hard to get where he is. He wasn’t guaranteed a starting spot his freshman season and but refused to stop working, even after his spot in the infield became all but secure.

“Every year I’ve come in thinking that there’s always someone better, So you have to just play like there’s someone behind you who’s trying to take your spot,” he said.

Misiano has done his best to make sure he never misses a single opportunity on the field. As cliché as it may sound, he’s anxious to do his hometown proud every time he puts on the uniform. The chance to compete in Brooklyn, playing the sport he loves, is a dream come true, he says.

“I’ve always been Brooklyn. I wanted to stay close to home,” Misiano said. “I really like being with my family and I have two sisters and a brother. We’re always together and they come to all my games, so it’s nice to have their support.”

Misiano knows there are only a few more weeks left in his college career and he’s determined not to waste them. He’s going to keep hitting and keep scoring runs and, he hopes, leading his team into postseason play.

After everything he’s done, that would be the cherry on the top of it all — another cliché he’s more than willing to embrace.

“I really only have team goals and that’s always to get to the tournament,” Misiano said. “I haven’t made it since I’ve been here, so it’d be nice to go out with a bang like that. We want to make the tournament now and push for the championship.”

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