Sean Cameron, 29 with trainer Don Saxby at Gleason’s Gym in downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kevin Bollers

Four boxers and all from the Caribbean, now residing in Brooklyn, have a bright future ahead of them on the professional level during their fights and workouts under trainer Don Saxby’s eyes at Gleason’s Gym in downtown Brooklyn. Saxby is ably assisted by Martin Gonzalez. They recently came to the training headquarters on Saturday afternoon — Mikkel Lespierre, Shawn Cameron, Chavez Peters and Elton Dharry.

“All of the guys are well disciplined,” said Saxby. “They understand their goals and roles as fighters. They understand what it takes. I have a lot of experience as a trainer and I am one of the best trainers in the world. I’ve worked along side of top trainers.

“Boxing changes people and their lives. Even if they don’t become world champions, they gave it their best effort and time. We try to get these guys to the next level of boxing.”

Cameron will be fighting May 4 at the World Resort Casino. Pierre and Dharry have tentative dates on May 15. The fighters train at Gleason’s Gym Mondays through Saturdays.

Competing in the 154-pound or junior middle weight division, the 29-year-old Cameron has a 3-0 won-lost record with two knock outs to his credit. Cameron hails from Jamaica, where he ran the sprints up to the 400 meters and long jumped. He started to take up boxing seriously in 2008 and went to the Nationals and Metro finals.

“I’ve always been a competitor, liked the physical aspect of the sport, and was in the military-U.S. Army. I take it (boxing) seriously. In boxing I can get hurt. When I go in there (into the ring) I fight and block everything else out. And it’s more of a mental aspect of the sport.”

Originally from Trinidad, the 28-year-old Lespierre possesses a 2-0 slate and knocked out one opponent. He was a 2008 New York Metro champion and a 2007 Empire State Regional title holder. He won many local matches and tournaments. He turned professional on June 8, 2012 and competes in the 140-pound or junior class welter weight division,

“My goal is to be a world champion,” Lespierre said. “It’s a great feeling being a professional boxer. It’s dangerous but at the same time boxing is fulfilling and something I like to do. I have to train hard, pay close attention to my corner, listen and be cautious. In the years here at Gleason’s Gym I’ve seen a lot of great fighters come through these doors.”

Dharry is a WBC Caribbean and WBU American champion from Guyana.

The 22-year-old Peters who competes as a junior light weight at 132 pounds, intends to turn professional sometime in November. He intends to compete in the PAL: Nationals, has a lot of strong qualities, is an excellent fighter, and is disciplined. Originally from Guyana, Peters, played other sports, loves boxing, and is staying with it.

“My goal is to be a world champion in the bantam weight division,” he said. “I’m a professional fighter for almost eight years with a WBC and WBU American titles. It means a lot to hold titles and I am accomplishing something. It keeps me focused and I train hard. It (Boxing) is a job. I put a lot of effort and time in and I have to have the will and desire to want to do it.”

There are 1300 members including 300 amateur or professional fighters from Gleason’s Gym. The rest come to this gym to stay in good shape.

Trinidadian Mikkel Lespierre, 28 trains at Gleason’s Gym, Brooklyn.
Photo by Kevin Bollers

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