Feet of Rhythm Kids representing Haiti

Feet of Rhythm Kids (F.O.R. Kids).

Feet of Rhythm Kids (F.O.R. Kids) will celebrate its 10th year of participation in Brooklyn’s Annual West-Indian Labor Day Junior Parade.

On Saturday, Sept. 3, 2011, Haiti’s agriculture will be put on display, and F.O.R Kids will represent Haiti in the spirit of collaboration to move the country forward. This year’s theme costumes, Haitian Konbit, will be an artistic spin of the uniform worn by Haiti’s countryside farmers. In keeping the tradition of singing and drumming while farming, F.O.R Kids will be joined by “Djarara,” a live performing RARA band.

F.O.R Kids decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a bang by presenting an elaborate queen costume, with intricate details portraying a beautiful Haitian fruit/vegetable street vendor. Proudly “Made In Haiti” again, this year all the props, bags, baskets and hats are imported from Haiti in support of Haiti’s art and craft industry.

Balmir Latin dance studio at 959 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn is F.O.R. Kids’s mass camp, where the children rehearse dance choreography, so they can partake in this year’s costume competition at the Brooklyn Museum after completing the parade route.

Last year, Haiti’s Minister of Culture Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue walked the entire parade with the F.O.R. Kids

F.O.R. Kids is part of The Brooklyn Arts Council Fiscal Sponsorship Program. For contribution and sponsorship please visit www.brooklynartscouncil.org/documents/1396.

The Annual West Indian Pre-Labor Day Junior Parade


This year’s Theme: Haitian Konbit Live Marching Rara Band “Djarara”

Sound powered by DJ Sketch

Event Date: Sept. 3, 2011

Start Time: 9:00 a.m.

End Time: 3:00 a.m.

Free admission to view the parade

Start route: From Kingston Ave. & St. Johns Place.

-Then the competition on the grounds of the Brooklyn Museum.

Registration is still open contact:

Program Director

Nadia Dieudonné-


email: [email protected]

F.O.R. Kids Objective:

F.O.R. Kids provides an uninhibited environment, which allows Haitian children to blossom at their own pace while creating an atmosphere of belonging and encouraging cultural awareness that boost self-esteem, image, and confidence. Their participation in the program has led to great academic achievements and has also given them the opportunity to pursue their education in art related fields.

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