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Local designers are designing a consumer show, trade shows, business conference & shopping tour.A group of Brooklyn designers are in the midst offashioning their own economic stimulus. Faced with current retail climate, they have collectively come together to design a customized weeklong Brooklyn Fashion Week event October 24-31, creating a “BKStyle!™” platform as a concentrated, full service option for sourcing, showing, marketing and advertising their independent fashion related products and services!

There will be the traditional “fashion week” runway shows but the focus is sales and designers will set up exhibit booths to meet with customer!

The week of events features a consumer show, trade shows and business seminars and workshops as well as a model’s convention, shopping tour and the launch of BFA– the Brooklyn Fashion Awards in creating a physical cluster, where the design sector has access to support, trade and consumers, organizers planned as a means of decreasing obstacles to success!

Within a newly renovated Studio 964 with its 7000 Squared feet of floor space surrounded by walls 11” high washed in white, this group of local Brooklyn designers hope to “fashion” bigger solutions! The goal: “To secure this venue as a much needed design center for the Brooklyn community,” says Bonnie Sandy, one of the organizers.

BFWSS2011 is focused on independent designers and fashion industry professionals! Event producers provide a physical space as well as digital platforms whereby designers can:

~Show the next season’s collection previews or directional! Concept to VIPS (Vested interest Persons) in the “exhibit” and meeting space Sunday, Oct. 24 to Saturday, Oct. 30 to interact with consumers and traders.

~Designers and other fashion professionals can also get to exhibit (show and sell) their products and services available for immediate booking to trade and press.

~Designers and fashion professionals can directly sell their product or services during consumer event showcase in individual and group showcases in the 300seat runway area.

~Partake in professional workshops and seminars!

Organizers have also added a Brooklyn Fashion And Shopping Tour to boost the local retail sector’s visibility and will launch the Brooklyn Fashion™ Awards to support and recognize those that have chosen to celebrate “BKStyle! ™”

A video suite with full internet support that will enable designers to reach out to buyers in their offices via web interface!

Attendees, both traders and consumers will have access to a clustered location in a local setting as well as online to co-work a fashion event- Brooklyn Fashion Week BKstyle! ™ (BFWSS2010), organizers say, adding that they will be introduced to local brands, have an opportunity to explore designer’s quality and fit especially to online retailers, in preview holiday shopping.

This may be the only coworking event of its kind! Designers have come together as a community contributing to space, services and participation fees toward the general budget! Local business and corporation make up some of the cost via sponsorship! The rest is covered by advertising and admission to consumer shows! Buyers and trade have free access to the designers by appointment during designated hours!

At work is the concept of 5c=C;- culture + creativity + collaboration + community + corporations = Commerce!

As such, this event is made possible by the efforts of:,,,,,,,,,,,, Kimistry Entertainment as well as a collective of designers!

A special online mobilie accessible community has been set up to allow you to connect with them Http://

www.brooklynfashion is a Brooklyn based and virtual support-program, helping independent designers in fashion & home connect to buyers, boutiques, shoppers, bloggers, press and fans!

Brooklyn, Fashion Week BKstyle! ™ is specifically designed to accommodate local independent fashion sector!

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