Fascinating 3-D art work

Artist Hye Rim Lee with one of her 3-D designs.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Artist Hye Rim Lee is a fascination designer. Her entire repertoire created in 3-D animation is mesmerizing. The Korean-New Zealander citizen is based in New York, but 3-D animation lovers all over the world have viewed her 200 eclectic shows that project images in motion.

“I wanted to become a filmmaker, but I found myself adding animation to all of my projects, said Rim Lee who fell in love with the art form and moved into designing in 2D, before progressing to 3D format.

As one of the most viable career choices in the entertainment industry working in film, TV series and video games, Hye Lee chose this new medium to bring fun and lifelike images to her works of art, that have captured the attention of her audiences everywhere.

The entertainer and photographer embraced the new medium because she wanted to be a part of the ‘now technology’. She recently received rave reviews for her moving image that was projected onto a wall at the Waterfall Mansion Art gallery in New York City, during an eclectic art show by more than ten artists.

Hye Lee lives in a three-dimension world showcasing her work at lifestyle shows, fairs and art shows around the world. She is presently in New Zealand conducting master classes, and will return to New York for an upcoming show in the New Year.

To view Hye Lee’s enchanting show, go to her website www.kukiegallery.com or www.starkwhite.co.nz

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