Farewell to Haiti’s top diplomat

Haiti Ambassador to the U.S. Duly Brutus receives award while OAS officials look on.
Photo courtesy of the OAS

The Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) on April 9 bid farewell to the Ambassador of Haiti to the hemispheric organization, Duly Brutus, who is leaving the post after 10 years to become Minister of Foreign Affairs of the French-speaking Caribbean country.

During his last address to the Permanent Council, Brutus summarized what he had learned in the organization, giving as an example what he called one of the most important lessons during his tenure, according to the OAS.

“I understood that democracy allows each country in the region to consolidate its national sovereignty,” he said, thanking OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza for the support that received when he was chair of the Permanent Council and of the Committee on Hemispheric Security.

He underscored, in particular, the strategic vision that Insulza presented to adapt the Organization to the 21st century.

Brutus also thanked the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS, Albert Ramdin, the member states and observer states for supporting his country.

“Haiti is a country beloved within the OAS,” he said, urging member states to continue with “the great work carried out by the Organization.”

In addition, Brutus underscored the work of the OAS in human rights, economic development and hemispheric security.

Insulza, meanwhile, highlighted the political career of the Haitian diplomat and congratulated him on his appointment as head of the Foreign Ministry of his country.

“He has been Permanent Representative of Haiti for a long time, and he is not a man of many words, but his statements have always been very strategic,” said Insulza, who also stressed the “intelligence and courteous manner” in which the Haitian diplomat has conducted himself in the different bodies of the OAS.

Ramdin, who also coordinates the Group of Friends of Haiti of the OAS, highlighted the virtues of Brutus “as a diplomat and as a politician who defends the interests of his country.

“Ambassador Brutus’ knowledge about the government and the people of his country has helped all the members of the Group of Friends to deeper understanding Haiti’s political system, constitutional process, electoral system, and to understand in greater detail the events occurring in Haiti,” he said.

After the Council meeting, in a ceremony held in the Gallery of Heroes of the OAS, the Chair of the Permanent Council presented Brutus with a silver tray to symbolize his stay at the hemispheric Organization, while the Haitian diplomat thanked everyone for the work done while representing his country.

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