Ezekiel Ventour eulogized as ‘faithful servant’

Grenadian Ezekiel Ventour
Derek Ventour

Grenadian Ezekiel Ventour was eulogized Sunday as a “good and faithful servant” as over 500 Grenadian and Caribbean nationals paid their last respects to the Brooklyn resident.

Ventour died in the arms of his son, Derek Ventour, on Feb. 27, the younger Ventour told Caribbean Life. Ezekiel Ventour was 89.

Referring to Matthew 25:23, the Rev. David T. Ball, pastor of Union United Methodist Church, on New York Avenue in Brooklyn, said Ventour, a member of the church, was very faithful.

“Faithfulness sums up Brother Ventour’s life,” said Rev. Ball in his eulogy that was preceded by lusty singing, clapping and drumming by mourners, including members of the church’s choir. “Being brilliant and content, God wants our faithfulness. God does not want us to have big things. God just wants us to have faithfulness – someone who is faithful and loyal; someone who is faithful and dependable.

“We can be faithful in the Lord because God has been faithful and consistent,” he added. “I never hear this brother [Ventour] complain. Bother Ventour almost reached 90 years. You cannot reach 90 years without the love of God. His faithfulness and his presence [role in the church] were a testament to God. He was always a faithful worshipper.

“He never complained,” Rev. Ball continued. “All he showed me was love — the dream parishioner for any pastor. He lived his life in faithfulness. His faithfulness continues to shine — a loving man. We’re here testifying because we’ve seen how God has influenced his [Ventour] life.

“Brother Ventour, we’re going to miss you,” said the pastor, looking at the casket in front of the altar. “Well done my good and faithful servant; well done, Brother Ventour, well done.”

Richard Lee, of the Union United Methodist Men’s Fellowship, said the church men’s group was “silent this time as we join the death [celebrating the life] of Brother Ezekiel [Ventour, a former member].”

Lee said Ventour had a very quiet disposition and wore an infectious smile.

“Even in his illness, he was very quiet,” he said. “It was a privilege to know him. He was willing to help. Brother Ventour will roll up his sleeves and went to work. He and his family contributed much to this church.”

One of Ventour’s nephews, who gave his name only as “Cliffie,” said his life was shaped by his uncle after he lost his dad in 1964.

“Cliffie” said Ventour had a great passion for sports, particularly cricket.

“I’m going to miss him,” he said. “He was able to listen. He gave me some good advices. He was a remarkable, remarkable human being.”

Loudly prefacing his reflections with “Papa, O,” Andre, one of Ventour’s sons, said “the epitome of life and family is right here [in the casket, applause].”

The Ventour family was not only mourning Ezekiel’s death but also that of Ezekiel’s sister, Agnes Julien, who died on Saturday in Grenada. She was 92.

Derek Ventour said his father and aunt will be interred together in Grenada.

Ezekiel Ventour was born on March 26, 1927. He was the last of eight children of the late George and Margaret Ventour of Belle View, St. George, the Grenada capital.

Ezekiel Ventour was predeceased by his wife Veronica DeGannes Ventour; and his five brothers, O’Carroll, Lloyd, Frances, Joseph and Israel; and one sister, Christina Dottin.

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