Exhibition of Fine Art at the NY Jamaica Consulate

Jamaican artist Michael Escoffery opened his portfolio of artwork recently with a colorful presentation now on display at the Jamaica Consulate.

The iconic event attracted a large, after-work crowd of excited art lovers from across the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut tri-State area to help celebrate Jamaica’s 50 years of independence.

From oil to canvas, from paper and pencil to sculpture, Escoffery’s works depict thn true brilliance and richness of his skills through relationship between colors.

Escoffery, who resides in Westchester County, was also honored with a proclamation by Victor Allen on the behalf of Westchester County Board of Legislators that declared: “Friday, July 13, 2012 is Michael Escoffery day in the County.”

This talented, outspoken and sensitive artist, whose work spans more than three decades across the globe, was filled with enthusiasm as the afternoon gathering remained enthralled with his masterpieces.

He talked of the acceptance of his craft in helping to pave the way for other Caribbean artists to have their work accepted and displayed in America. He also thanked Loris Crawford, his long time friend, who helps put the evening’s event event together.

Newly appointed consul general of Jamaica, Herman Lamont, was equally excited about fine art beautifying the consulate. Lamont lamented on Escoffery’s genius in details from his brush strokes, and pointedn to his scrutiny in developing the seductive curves on the mysterious women. And the crowd applauded.

Escoffery, Lamont said, “inspires imagery appealing to the likes of two former Jamaican prime ministers, P.J. Patterson and Eddie Seaga, and also the famous author and poet Mayou Angelo, singer Roberta Flack and former South African president, Nelson Mandela.

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