Everybody heads to ‘56 East Avenue’

Award-winning playwright Oliver Samuels.

Herman Hall, the publisher of Everybodys Magazine claims that later this month “all roads will lead to 56 East Ave.” where Caribbean humor is guaranteed.

In addition to that promise he said it is a destination easily accessible in three New York boroughs — Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx — as well as New Jersey.

Not to worry, no GPS needed, the address is the title of the latest import from the Caribbean.

Written by Oliver Samuels and Dennis Titus, the dramatic comedy returns an annual production that entreats diasporans to enjoy relatable Caribbean comedy.

Slated for Wingate High School on May 18, Brooklyn gets first dib to the uproarious production.

The following weekend, residents of the largest borough of Queens can bargain for an outing of fun on the campus of York College on May 24.

That same weekend, consecutive showcases in Jersey’s East Orange Campus High School and Lehman College in the Bronx stakes May 26 to find the hilarious teaming of Samuels with Volier Johnson, Lakeisha Ellison, Audrey Reid and Titus onstage to deliver the kind of humor familiar to Caribbean audiences.

Already tagged the “best Caribbean play” of 2019, the play follows the path of annual productions Hall has embraced as a producer who understands the market and sensibilities of Caribbean audiences.

“It is not a Jamaican play,” Hall explained.

“It is not a Grenadian play.”

“It is a Caribbean play that will make you laugh regardless of which island you identify with.”

“And you don’t have to be from the Caribbean to laugh and enjoy the play,” he added.

Hall stated that Samuels is renowned for penning patois that is comprehensible to all audiences.

An award-winning playwright Samuels portrayed a recurring character on the BBC-TV series “Chef!”

A popular, Jamaican, comedian who has sold audiences with his “Oliver at Large” television series in Jamaica his stand-up routines and specials sold on DVDs, paired with Titus, Reid and Johnson, his performance guarantees loads of laugher.

While the rest of the cast are familiar comedic actors, Reid cemented her career with a role in the Caribbean film “Dancehall Queen.”

Since then, throughout the years she has routinely performed here appearing with Samuels.

After these May dates, the play will head to Maryland for final presentations.

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