Endurance and sacrifice in the 42nd AD race

To The Editor

Constituents of the 42nd District of Brooklyn, N.Y. would like to extend our gratitude to Michele Adolphe for the sacrifice she endured during her campaign for the district, as well as the unwavering character she displayed, the strength she posessed, and her conviction to see the campaign to the end.

Although the tallying of the votes did not turn out in her favor, we would, however, like to inform Ms. Adolphe of the pride we feel for the effort and the boldness she displayed in her platform to bring more resources to the district to enhance the lives of its constituents.

Of course, one notable feature of the plan devised by Ms. Adolphe for the 42nd District, in order to provide an effective educational format with which to educate the children and the rest of the community, was for more libraries — or at least one library,

Another of Ms. Adolphe’s plausible goals is to reduce the depressing conditions amongst the elderly. She had proposed to develop a community outreach center that would address the lack of resources and social support for the elderly.

Her plan included creating a social environment to garner a support system that would provide the senior citizens with food distribution, physical therapy, medical assistance, and a social atmosphere where they would be able to thrive and achieve some sense of normalcy to their daily activities, in order to function effectively.

Furthermore, the lack of youth programs must be addressed immediately to reduce the truancy rate amongst the youths of the district. To help reduce the dropout rate, Ms. Adolphe’s platform called for programs to be made available to the youth, such as academic tutoring — a key factor in helping the students to graduate. Another is computer training, which would prepare them for the work force.

There are many constituents that are baffled and dismayed by the Rhoda Jacobs victory. They have many questions that will forever remain unanswered. As a matter of fact, a massive number of people within the 42nd District are asking themselves where their vote went.

Despite this sentiment, the voices of the people are echoing: “Will Rhoda Jacobs hears our cries”? Will she be vigilant and committed to everyone within the 42nd District?”

Carla Dorvilus and Rosi DeJean.

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