Egbert Hall celebrates his 101 birthday

Egbert Hall celebrates his 101 birthday in Brooklyn.

Egbert Hall was born in Plaisance East Coast Demerara, Guyana, on Feb, 26, 1914. He attended Plaisance Wesleyian Primary School. On leaving school, he worked on the the Demerara sugar plantation as an engineer apprentice where he developed to be a first class engineer.

He later joined the Transport and Harbor Department after the closure of the estate in Guyana then immigrated to England in 1959. Hall worked there with the British Railways in 1962.

Hall returned to his native Guyana in 1975 to join his wife. They later immigrated to the United States to live with their daughter in 1984. They lived with her for some time and went on their own. His wife died in September 1988.

He is a proud resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn living at the Duncan Genns Senior Citizen Apartment. He is a member of St. Thomas Episcopal Church over many years and would always offer his input when any issues arise. He also supports different events given by the church groups. Hall spends his day interacting with his peers at Lucille Rose Adult Day Care Center which he considers a home away from home where he is pampered by Veronica Alert who he adores very much. He enjoys dancing, playing dominos, and attending Bible study. He maintains his wittiness and sense of humor.

Ebert Hall is a father, grandfather, great grandfather, uncle, cousin, friend, activist, and a great confidant.

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