‘East meets West Indian Fusion’

After participating in the West Indian American Day Carnival parade for 25 years, D’Midas International New York says its production, “East meets West Indian Fusion,” will make a difference this Labor Day.

“The goal is show the fusion of culture coming together and having a great time, with no incident, and to show the world this art form in its purest,” said band leader Trinidadian Glenn A. Fahie Turnbull, in a Caribbean Life interview.

“It’s a cultural thing with our members,” added Fahie Turnbull, who is also vice president of New York Band Leaders Association. “It’s a way to show the world the culture of the African people – whether in the Caribbean or in the U.S. And, it helps to teach others about our rich heritage.”

Fahie Turnbull said the small-to-medium size band comprises at least seven sections: Incas (male and female), Aztec (female), Arabian Dancers (female), De Kota (male and female), Cherokee (female), Sioux (female), and Buscell Dancer (female).

“We are a fusion of cultures, so the masquerades are a fusion of the world’s cultures,” said Fahie Turnbull, adding that he hopes to place among the top contenders in this year’s carnival.

“The public looks forward to seeing real costumes – not ‘two-piece and fries,’ as we call it in the mas world – well-constructed costumes and a great value for your dollar,” he added.

“The public likes to see the large costumes come down the Parkway and for one of the things D’Midas is known for,” Fahie Turnbull continued.

He said the band has “done very well in the past,” giving a breakdown of its performances for some years: third placed King, third placed Queen (2012); third placed Adult Band Large, and first, fifth and ninth placed Adult King (2007); and third placed Adult Band and Adult Female, second placed Adult Male Character, and first and third placed Adult Queen (2006).

Fahie Turnbull said he is getting assistance in producing “East meets West Indian Fusion” from several Brooklyn-based veteran mas producers, noting that the band’s slogan is “Where Mas lives.”

“We produce costumes with a flair for splendor at a reasonable price,” he said.

“We are about the culture, and teaching and promoting it,” he added. “Then we celebrate by having fun on the Parkway in a safe and friendly atmosphere.”

The mas camp is located 1619 Nostrand Ave., between Tilden Avenue and Beverley Road in Brooklyn.

For more information, call Fahie Turnbull at (718) 809-1017; Cheryl at (718) 462-6137; Charlotte at (718) 469-4914; and Gabby at (917)345-9376.

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