Dr. Walter A. Kyte Way unveiled in Brownsville

Widow, Mrs. Jennifer Kyte, (center) holds Dr. Walter A. Kyte Way sign, as Council Member Rafael L. Espinal Jr. (far right) pose, next to Assemblyman Charles Barron, and Council Member Inez Barron. Brother, Lloyd Kyte, far left, next to son of Dr. Kyte, Dwayne Parker and others.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

A Brooklyn street was named in honor of fallen Guyanese-American, Dr. Walter A. Kyte on Sunday, Sept. 11, a solemn, but historic day, when family members, joined New York Council members to commemorate the life of an educator.

Glenmore Avenue, outside of PS 18 / 98 – Betty Shabazz School, in Brownsville, where Dr. Kyte was principal, is now co-named, Dr. Walter A. Kyte Way.

Dr. Kyte was also an assistant principal, district superintendent, and a consultant to the Department of Education, before he died tragically in a road accident in his native Guyana in 2013. He was there on an educational mission, to conduct teachers’ workshops in rural Linden, where he was born.

Council Member Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. who had introduced the co-naming resolution of Dr. Walter A. Kyte Way, in the City Council said “I am happy that all who drive by these streets, all the students who attend this school will take a pause to look up at the street sign and remember who Dr. Kyte was.

“I respect all the work Dr. Kyte’s family has done for the Brownsville community,” said Espinal who represents, District 37, where the street is located.

Council Member Inez Barron said Dr. Kyte was a great man, who lent his support when she was principal, and successfully formed a coalition for the success of the school.

“He has a great legacy, and it is fitting that we have this time to commemorate the great work he has done for us,” added Council Member Barron.

New York, Assemblyman, Charles Barron in turn, praised Dr. Kyte for his work, and lauded him as a strong black man who, succeed as an educator.

“I am proud of his African heritage, and how he instilled in children, the importance, of education. “It is great to see his name go up – it gives us great balance, because many of the streets in this community, are named after slave owners,” said Barron, who called Dr. Kyte a liberator.

“The best way to keep someone alive, is to keep their name up, Dr. Kyte would never die in our community and our hearts,” added Assemblyman, Charles Barron.

Former student, Christopher Durosinmi, an enrollment specialist – Pre-K For All – DOE, thanked Dr. Kyte for mentoring him, and inspiring him with words of encouragement, that brought him (Durosinmi) success.

“I not only live on Glenmore, I also live on Christopher and Dr. Walter Kyte Way. I will use all that he taught me to enhance the community,” said Durosinmi.

One year ago, Community Board District 16, District Manager, Viola Greene, and Chair, Denise Morgan put forward a resolution that was made official, by Council Member and Chair of Consumer Affairs Council Member, Espinal Jr.

“It has been a pleasure working with Mrs. Kyte for this cause,” said Greene.

Dr. Miatheresa Pete, superintendent of Brownsville’s School District 23, called Dr. Kyte an education guru and thanked him for nurturing the community’s youth.

The brilliant sunshine which shone on the large gathering was reflection of Dr. Kyte’s legacy and motto, that his wife Jennifer repeated,“If I can help someone as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”

Mrs. Kyte said after Mayor Dinkins renamed PS-198 18 years ago, it is an honor that the street outside of the school is being named for her late husband, Dr. Walter A. Kyte — a dynamic leader who made brought the school up to one of the top ten ranking in New York.

“Thanks to all who came out to support us,” she said, as she acknowledged elected officials and Carlos Soto who played a part to ensure her husband’s legacy lives on. She also thanked members of Grace SDA Church where Dr. Kyte was a pastor, family and friends, adding, “the work he has done and the life he lived will live on.”

Other speakers included Pastor Howard of Grace Church, Lloyd Kyte, James Meertins, Charles Lardson, Marc Mandy and Cheryl Ainsworth Martin. Son, Dwayne Parker, was also present.

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