Dr. Clifford Young: Caring for the indigent fulfills his life

Photo by Steve Solomonson

Vincentian Dr. Clifford Young tells about his path in medicine. “I worked as a student lab technician in St. Vincent and then got a two-year scholarship to study medical technology in Barbados.”

His interest in medicine was developed by many trips as an adventuresome lad to the emergency room in St. Vincent to get stitched up. Additionally, there were frequent stops with a friend at Kingstown General Hospital to visit his friend’s sister, a young student nurse Judith Lewis, also getting a Healthcare Award.

After he came to the U.S. in 1980, he continued to work in medical labs while studying as an undergraduate. “I’m a primary care physician and took the Loan Forgiveness Program,” he says, explaining that by working three years with indigent populations, his student loan would be forgiven.

“I’ve stayed for 23 years,” he says, amused. “And, I continue working with this population.” In 1992, he went to Woodhull Hospital working at the Bushwick Center for 12 years. Then he was transferred to Cumberland DMC in Downtown Brooklyn.

“Sometimes indigent people with no health insurance don’t get the same kind of attention. I can be part of preventative care that keeps them out of the emergency room. It fulfills my life,” he says.

“The most influential person in my career is Dr. Charles R. Green, the former dean of students of SUNY Downstate University at Brooklyn Medical School. During my tenure at medical school, Dr. Green offered immeasurable support and valuable advice to help me not only succeed, but also become the physician I am today. His office was always open for me and I have practiced that same sentiment for the 26 years I have been a physician.”

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