Dr. Carl Kenel-Pierre

Dr. Carl Kenel-Pierre graduated medical school in Haiti, immigrating not long afterwards to pursue a career in Ob / Gyn. He is an Advantage Care physician and the regional medical director. His medical career spans more than four decades.

“Healthcare is a passion I developed very early in life, having witnessed what the lack of access to it did to people around me as I was growing up in Haiti,” he says.

“The field of obstetrics and gynecology was particularly appealing since it dealt with new beginnings and carried the hope of a better future for all involved in nurturing the newborn.” He deeply believes how pre-natal care can so positively impact someone’s whole life.

Immigrating to the United States offered the doctor opportunities to develop skills and share visions he had not fully understood before, “It reinforced the concept of healthcare delivery as a global need that can only improve our relations with each other.”

Dr. Kenel-Pierre focuses most of his clinical and managerial practice trying to find ways to partner with patients and family members as well as healthcare workers.

The doctor also recognizes those who believed in him. “I owe a lot to my extended family who constantly pushed me to achieve.”

Service in improving others’ lives is a guiding principle that continues to motivate Dr. Kenel-Pierre.

“Becoming the first physician of the family was an accomplishment that is part of a larger plan to positively impact life in the community,” he says, acknowledging a responsibility to those who were instrumental in his professional achievement.

The doctor has participated in and has led various medical missions. His most memorable trips have been to Panama City, Antigua, Turks and Caicos Islands and Haiti.

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