Donna Brazile to Brooklyn grads: No Trump!

Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile.
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Graduates at a Barclay’s Center commencement received a hopeful speech from a veteran Democratic political strategist, who used the stage to take a shot at a 2016 presidential candidate.

“Medgar Evers college is going strong. Donald Trump University is closed,” said keynote speaker Donna Brazile to the 45th class of graduates of Medgar Evers college. “And you have the keys to keep it closed.”

The political commentator and former campaign manager for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential run, addressed an arena of hundreds of graduates, making a direct attack on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Brazile adds that Trump’s campaign is short-sighted for shutting out minorities and women with divisive language. “I say you’re making a big mistake — a huge mistake, said Brazile. “We’re not gonna open up the doors of hate anymore. We’re not going to let the toxicity that killed Medgar Evers come and destroy our lives,” said Brazile.

Medgar Evers College opened its doors to Brooklyn in 1970. It was named after Medgar Evers, a civil rights leader assassinated in Mississippi. Brazile notes that Evers did not get to see the legacy he left behind, and chose to remind the hopeful graduates that they must create their own pathway to success.

Brazile’s standout message to the graduates: vote to see that change!

She told graduates the end of Obama’s presidency does not stop the fight for change — a woman will be his successor. Without name-dropping, Brazile made a bold endorsement for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

“Although I shouldn’t say it, we might at the end of the season say ‘madam president’ for the first time in United States history,” said Brazile.

Rudy Crew, the college’s president and former Department of Education chancellor, awarded Brazile with an honorary doctorate’s degree. Brazile also praised Crew and suggested him as a potential vice presidential nominee.

“We should consider him on the shortlist to be vice president,” said Brazile.

Brazile concluded her keynote telling the graduates to believe in themselves and to stay active with their goals.

“To all of you receiving degrees today, I am so proud to see you. Tomorrow get up and do something — be great. Break down walls and break that glass ceiling.”

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