Dingolay mas band presents ‘Blue Savages’

The design duo of Rachel Hall and Eddie Trotman with two of their designs from “Blue Savages.”
Photo by Tangerine Clarke
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

Dingolay Mas Camp, located at 1323 Nostrand Avenue (between Lennox and Clarkson) is festooned with spectacular costumes – all in the color blue, to depict its theme: “Blue Savages.”

This year, costume designer and co-bandleader Eddie Trotman says “Dingolay” will take its revelry to a new level when they parade in front of the judges and fans on Eastern Parkway, Monday, Sept 2.

Popularly known for its one-color motif that incorporates modern design into masquerade costumes, team Dingolay prides itself on having a good time when they parade, hence its name. Tobagonian, Eddie Trotman said he was inspired by Shadow’s hugely popular song with the same name.

The dynamic due of mas band leader and designer Rachel Hall and Eddie Trotman are revved up to lead 400 masqueraders to vie in the medium-band competition showcasing seven costume sections.

“This year we are definitely aiming to bring home a trophy,” said Trotman. He added, “showcasing a band is not only about making money, but to also enjoy the vibes and inspiration that goes into the preparation to grow the band. This will encourage revelers to join us.”

The camp that says it provide a quality understanding of the Caribbean culture, and the history of where ‘we as Caribbean began,” will include the Brooklyn Moko Jumbie Stilt Dancers, that will perform in a choreographed presentation along the Parkway.

Now in its third year of competition, and 10 years in the carnival arena with Miami Carnival under its belt, “Dingolay” has a cult following and has already seen the frontline “Electra Blue” sold out, with the midline, and backline of “Blue Tazmanian,” “Hutukara Blue,” “Blue Valkyries,” “Blue Aztec Warriors,” “Atlantis Savage” and “Ah Wicked Jab,” also selling quickly.

The outfits are embellished with streamers, feathers, sequins and beads, while the featured headpieces tower above the head to capture the attention of the judges.

“Dingolay” will be accompanied by New Wave Rhythm International sound system.

Female costumes range from $200.00 to $500.00, while the male costumes start at $175.00. A discount will be offered to groups of five who register. However, Trotman said he would not turn anyone away who wants to play with the band. He will be willing to reach a compromise on the price point to accommodate customers.

The Mas Camp opens daily from 11:00 a.m. For more information, contact Eddie Trotman at (347) 228-8952 and Rachel Hall at (347) 423-7918. Email: [email protected] Costumes could also be viewed at www.dingolaymasnyc.com.

Female costume from “Hutukara Blue” with a male costume from “Electra Blue” in the background.
Photo by Tangerine Clarke
Photo by Tangerine Clarke

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