Devine Mas portrays ‘From India with Love’

Malone Gardner portraying “Festival of Dances” in the adult section.
Photo by Nelson A. King

Claiming that no mas camp has portrayed India and its culture, the three-year-old Devine Mas says it will be looking “From India with Love” this Labor Day.

Vincentian band leader Phyllis Wyllie-James, who has been producing costumes for the past five years, said the small band comprises five female and two male sections for adults, and five sections for children (one male and four females).

Wyllie-James, who was raised in La Croix in the Marriaqua Valley in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said her masquerades are from “all over the U.S.A., St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, and Panama.

“We enjoy participating in the Labor Day carnival, where we can promote our culture,” she told Caribbean Life. “The public will see some beautiful costumes displayed from our band.”

Devine Mas camp is located at 429 Rutland Rd., between New York and Brooklyn avenues in Brooklyn.

“We named the band ‘Devine’ because we wanted something different,” Wyllie-James said. “We are a small band that keeps getting better every year.”

For more information, call Wyllie-James at (717) 781-6617; Shelly at (347) 245-5417; or Joocie at (516) 424-2833.

Talajah Govia, 8, portraying “Festival of Dances” in the children section
Photo by Nelson A. King
Photo by Nelson A. King

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