Dave Rodney

Dave Rodney.

Multi-lingual, media-marketing consultant, TV host, author and freelance writer, Dave Rodney is co-president of Images LLC, a media marketing company based in New York.

Hailing from Jamaica, Rodney graduated from University of West Indies, with training at the Sorbonne and Caribbean Institute of Mass Communications; he regularly orchestrates network television promotional opportunities for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Rodney has created brand awareness and increased sales for several high profile companies including Grace Foods, Western Union, Jamaica Tourist Board, Breezes Bahamas, Rhum Barbancourt in Haiti and NYC’s summer concert Groovin’ In The Park.

Additionally, his company has created publicity campaigns for an array of popular musicians and related entertainment companies.

Rodney has anchored many high-profile international media driven events in Jamaica including The Motown Soul By The Sea, MTV Spring Break and the HBO Sinbad Soul Music Festival, one of the most profitable events of its kind ever held in Jamaica. In less than a week millions of dollars in foreign exchange were earned for Jamaica.

He created a one-hour French reggae program in Quebec that became syndicated in 11 markets. He is partly responsible for the development of key radio links from New York to elsewhere in the Jamaican / Caribbean Diaspora.

His expertise in integrating multiple media platforms and the travel trade in high yielding target markets maximizes earnings for the Caribbean region. And, locally and internationally, he continues to be a major promotional engine for a wide range of media-driven events.

Among his other achievements, Rodney pioneered the first dancehall signing to a U.S. major labels through Atlantic Records as far back as 1988.

Author of a book on pop sensation Usher, Rodney has also pushed relentlessly for the promotion of overseas-based Jamaican authors. He has also written much of the JTB’s promotional brochures on aspects of Jamaican culture and writes periodically for several publications. He has served on the board of the National Gallery of Art in Jamaica.

Rodney also has a passion for exploring South American rivers, jungles and rain forests. He feels that his jungle survival skills course in Brazil helps him to execute guerilla-style / grass roots marketing campaigns.

Of his operational philosophy, he says, “I create opportunities by seeing and synergizing the possibilities, and having the persistence to act upon them. I map out plans, visualize overcoming obstacles and retain the ability to adapt to changing conditions in an ever-changing world.”

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