Dave prepares for Team Universe

A former football player on the high school and collegiate levels is still very active in sports, but at a different kind and this one nation-wide.

Dave Richardson stopped by the Paerdegat Athletic Club in Brooklyn, where he was born, raised and attended school to continue his training for competition in body building.

Presently residing in Austin, Texas, Richardson was accompanied to the center by two members of his family, Kyle Richardson and his agent and publicist, Edwin Richardson, all natives of Brooklyn.

“Dave is my nephew and I’m very proud of him,” Edwin said. “He’s also a trainer and competes all over.”

Dave Richardson’s immediate concern right now is the competition.

“But that’s not the biggest thing; it’s the immediate thing,” he said. “I’ll be preparing with a very good friend of mine, Dave Goodin. I’ll be going on stage putting on a show as a guest poser, with Goodin, who has been the number one body builder, for the last 20 years. We’re going to show all the individuals who are competitive how it is done and some things to be inspired by as well as sitting back and being a celebrity. This will take place May 7 in Austin, Texas.

Dave is preparing for his national show, Team Universe, that is taking place in June. If he wins that show he’ll get his pro card.

“It’s all natural body building competition, with the top five competitors from across the country (advancing further),” Dave said. “I think it’ll be in New York or New Jersey this year. We go against other competitors that do body building, which is about the body You can see every muscle in the body. ”

Dave Richardson is also involved in a television show ‘Heavies’’ about 22 individuals who were chosen because they may take two to five years to live. It’s on A&E. The first one started in January and ended in April. It was shot all over Texas and South Carolina.

“These individuals on the show were chosen because they are morbidly obsessed, according to the rate that they are going,” Dave said. “You are talking about females eating 30 thousand to 60 thousand calories per day,

“When one guy started with us he was 638 pounds and now he is currently 394 pounds.”

The 28-year-old Richardson has been in this field for two and a half years. He is a spokesperson and consultant for Anytime Fitness. He has his own training companies and personal training gyms. Filming for the next show starts in June with the show site still to be determined. This will be the second time for the show. He is a personal trainer on the show.

Dave has been in body building competition three times and came out as a winner each time. Officials score body building off definition, size and symmetry.

Just how Dave Richardson get into the sport?

“Somebody told me that I couldn’t do it because I was a football player,” Richardson said. “I liked it (the first time) and decided to do it again.”

He has been always into personal training and fitness but he decided to become a personal trainer trying to make an impact on other individual’s lives. Edwin is also a personal trainer.

“When it comes to fitness or anything, I know if I put my mind to that I can accomplish it,” Dave said. “The hardest thing for that type of competition is really perfection.”

Dave Richardson graduated from Brooklyn Tech High School and Texas Lutheran University. He played running back and lineback on the football team. He played for and is still competing for Team USA and travels all over the world. July will mark the first time American football will be in the World Championships, which will be held in Italy.

“My goals are to be a motivating and positive influence with the people I come in contact with and hopefully get that in return,” Dave said. “That’s really what I get out of my everyday life is being able t o be an impact and being able to ask me a question that I certainly have an answer to. If there’s one word that someone said to me I made a difference I want to hear it. I’m a motivational speaker and always inspired to be one. Of all the things that I’ve accomplished in my life, working with all these fitness facilities is really to work with the kids.”

If anybody has any question to ask Dave Richardson he can be contacted at www.Richardson express.com.

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