Daughter launches foundation honoring late mother

Keanna Hinds, left, and her late mother Toni Rose. She recently created a foundation in her mother’s name to give back and celebrate her life’s work.
Keanna Hinds

A Brooklyn nurse recently launched a foundation in her late mother’s honor to raise awareness and support for young women pursuing social work.

Registered nurse Keanna Hinds, created the Toni Rose Foundation to commemorate her mother Antonia Rose, affectionately known as Toni — a retired and dedicated East Flatbush social worker who was murdered in the Caribbean last June. Her devoted daughter wants to celebrate her mother’s life’s work by assisting others on similar pathways to success like her mother.

“My mom was a hard-working Caribbean woman from Brooklyn who serviced and helped all types of New Yorkers,” said Hinds. “This foundation will be using all available sociological and resources to promote family unity, reducing conflict, and provide overall services for the wellbeing of family.”

The foundation will serve as a resource center that career builders of Caribbean descent can turn to for guidance and advice.

“I would like the foundation to assist Caribbean women looking to advance their careers in this country, and stress the fact even someone from the most rural part of the Caribbean can come here and succeed if they have the right tools and support,” said Hinds.

Both Hinds and her late mother worked jobs where they provided care, which Hinds said was rewarding.

“I kind of fell into the same career path as my mom,” said Hinds. “When I began working, I would talk about my patients and she would talk about hers — and it was a great feeling to see how we worked in different fields but sort of ended up in the same path.”

Last year, Hinds’ 69-year-old mother left Brooklyn for her native St. Vincent and the Grenadines to attend a close relative’s funeral. She was later found brutally murdered at her family’s home. Local law enforcement on the multi-island Caribbean country are still investigating, but have not arrested any suspects, according to Hinds. She also said her mother’s suspicious and unsolved death has pushed her to share the story in the hope she can find more answers and honor her life.

“My mother was an amazing person, she had a lot to offer and I don’t want her death to go in vain,” she said.

Hinds remains in contact with Vincentian government officials and local elected leaders in New York, to continue ongoing search for her mother’s killer. Earlier this month, she held a private auction and fundraiser for the foundation.

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Rose was a retired social worker when she was found murdered in her native St. Vincent and the Grenadines visiting family last June. Her murder is still unsolved.
Keanna Hinds

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