Members of the Feet of Rhythm Haitian Dance Co.led by Nadia Dieudonné.

Nadia Dieudonné & Feet of Rhythm Haitian Dance Co. with live drumming is showcasing at the Association of Performing Arts Professionals with Booking Dance Festival NYC, The Appel Room, Jazz at Lincoln Center on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Nadia Dieudonné & Feet of Rhythm, a Haitian folkloric dance company based in New York, was created to preserve and promote the rich culture of Haiti. Since 1994, the group has personified Haitian pride by performing at cultural events worldwide, including the Wasshoi International Dance & Music festival in Osaka, Japan; Brooklyn Museum of Art; several cultural festivals in Canada; Downtown Dance Festival in Battery Park; Summer stage-Central; Prospect Bark-Band shell; Bryant Park; The African Heritage Guggenheim Festival; The Dance Theater Workshop/NYC; Schomburg; Lincoln Center-Out of Doors; Jacobs Pillow, and American Folk Festival.

Feet of Rhythm specializes in Haitian folklore in dance, theater and live musical accompaniment. Each choreo-drama reflects traditional vodou dances fused with Dieudonné’s stylized movements. The dance company’s trademark is the energy of its dancers and drummers. The dynamic choreography is based on an original arrangement of live drumming and soulful traditional songs. The performances are suitable for theater, concert stage and outdoor festivals.

Nadia Dieudonné is a veteran traditional Haitian dancer, choreographer and master teacher. She was mentored by Jean León Destiné, Haitian dance icon. She is regarded as one of the best Banda dancers outside of Haiti. At 12 years she was performing with the well-known Haitian folk singer and activist Myriam Dorismé. Dieudonné conducts master classes and Haitian dance intensives both nationally and internationally. Currently, Dieudonné is a certified teacher for the New York City Department of Education and has a MA in Dance Education from New York University.

Nadia Dieudonné & Feet of Rhythm Haitian Dance Co. at Jacob’s Pillow.

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