Dancehall comedy

The awaited end to this year winter season couldn’t come sooner for Caribbean nationals living in the tri-state area. With the long anticipated wait of Jamaican’s young and talented comedian Keith “Shebada” Ramsey returning to the area, the rainy weekend could not stop theater lovers from returning to their local venue in Brooklyn and Bronx for their belly wrenching, tear dropping laughter.

Teaming up with veteran comedian Volier “Maffie” Johnson, the two comedians took their comedic act to the streets with “Clash” a dancehall style musical play with plots of everyday life as it is in Jamaica including, greed, money, bad man control and illiteracy. This competition of dance hall DJ’s was also a competition between sexes which brought the truth of rivals being exposed as old associates of street life.

With a supporting cast of Garfield ‘Bad Boy Trevor’ Reid and three new comers to the stages, they were fine in their supporting role for this local plot while teaming with veterans. For those who missed this funny and hilarious play, they should catch him, ‘Shebada” on DVD or see him on his second stint on CIN TV channel 73 on Sundays starting April 6.

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