Dads confer on children’s education

From left, guest speaker Assemblyman William Scarborough, honorary chair of the Million Fathers Club; Alicia Hyndman, president of CDEC 29; PS 134 Principal Robert Chambers; Cherise Parsons, teacher; PTA President and event organizer, Herman Bagley and former CEC Member Bill Perkins, CDEC 29 Representative.
Photo by Juli
Photo by Juliet Kaye

The Dads Take Your Child To School Men’s Conference at PS 134 was an outgrowth of the Dads Take Your Child To School for the first day of school, which encourages fathers to be involved in their children’s education.

The program started with a panel discussion moderated by William Perkins, Community District Education Council 29 Representative. Panelists included PS 134 Principal Robert Chambers, Scott Leach, executive director of Forestdale Fathers Initiative, Rodny Pride, second vice president of United Black Men of Queens, Kheru Bey, a parent leader, Community Mentor Raymond Ramos and attorney Donald Vernon.

One workshop on State ELA and Math Standards helped parents learn methods to help their children at home prepare for the state tests. Another workshop focused on bonding for parents and children to work together on fun projects to enhance the bond between the children and their dads.

Workshops on Gang Prevention/Awareness, on the Forestdale Fathers Initiative, which discussed the importance of fathers involvement in their children’s lives, and HRA/Child Support Enforcement.

Assemblyman William Scarborough, honorary chair of the Million Fathers Club, a guest speaker at the event, emphasized his commitment to work with this program.

Scarborough praised the parents who participated for their involvement in their children’s lives and education. Fathers involvement in their children’s lives has been shown to increase grades and higher numbers of children going to college, reduce the use of drugs, reduce teenage pregnancy and anti-social behavior.

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