‘Crimmigration’ and its importance to our society

“Crimmigration” is the marriage of Criminal and Immigration Law. “Crimmigration” is important to our community because many criminal convictions and certain non-criminal convictions may have serious adverse consequences for aliens (green card holders); non-aliens and individuals in unlawful status in the United States of America.

Adverse consequences include but are not limited to: loss of immigration status; bar to re-entry; denial of naturalization and detention and or removal from the United States of America. Sadly and far too often, aliens; non-aliens and individuals in unlawful status, in the hands of criminal defense attorneys who are not well versed in immigration law, routinely accept plea-bargains that have dire immigration consequences. Furthermore, these life-changing consequences are not conveyed or explained to those at peril.

What follows afterward is a world-wind of litigation in Immigration Court that puts more emotional, mental, physical and financial stress on the alien or non-alien and his or her family. This nightmare scenario may often times be avoided outright or mitigated if the alien or non-alien facing criminal charges retains an attorney that is well versed in both criminal and immigration law. An attorney who practices “Crimmigration” has a full understanding of the interconnection between Immigration and Criminal Law.

There are many benefits of hiring an attorney that practices both Criminal and Immigration law. Some of the benefits are: 1) fully protecting your rights with respect to both criminal and immigration; 2) streamlined representation by one attorney and 3) cost-effective representation by retaining one attorney.

Aliens, non-aliens and individuals in unlawful status are more vulnerable than United States citizens when it comes to the effects of criminal and certain non-criminal convictions. This group of individuals must consider the ramification of any plea-bargain on their immigration status and future here in the United States.

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