Cooking with Herb?

The title “Cooking With Herb” might suggest that a chef named Herbert might be the culinary guide in this new book aimed at fostering a more organic lifestyle.

But be clear, this unique kitchen helper could have easily been named “Cooking With Sensi” “Cooking With Mary Jane” or “Cooking With Colly.”

The operative word is Herb — a noun defined as “a flowering plant whose stem above ground does not become woody…such a plant when valued for its medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or the like.

The slang – marijuana is also defined by Websters dictionary as “a plant or a part of a plant that is used as medicine or to give flavor to food.

Cedella Marley published 239 pages of delightful and delectable uses endorsing how cannabis can be part of a clean, green, healthy life.

The author of multiple books, three-time Grammy winner, singer, actress and fashion designer collaborated with Raquel Pelzel to guide readers on the questions they should ask at dispensaries, offering insights on today’s more potent weed, demystifying the process behind controlling the dosage of cannabis in edibles, and shares a collection of more than 75 Caribbean-inflected, canna-boosted recipes.

Introducing strategies readers can use to integrate dishes into their entertaining practices she delivers practical information, beautiful photography and personal stories about growing up with her famous father.

Focusing on recipes flavored by canna oil, canna butter and canna extracts from the cannabis plant the book provides herbal savorings with tips for “first-time users and marijuana devotees…to enhance their wellness routines and favorite recipes with a natural “Marley high.”

Know that the Marley family members are fierce advocates of natural living, healthy cooking and organic eating.

Last year David “Ziggy,” an 8-time Grammy-winning singer/composer and her brother published “Ziggy Marley & Family Cookbook.”

Prior to that Rita, the matriarch, and avowed “Queen of Reggae” released “Harambe For the Holidays.”

Now Robert Nesta “Bob” and Rita’s firstborn daughter Cedella is building on a culinary library that not only feeds the body but soothes the soul.

Billed as a “lifestyle book reflecting the Marley Natural brand’s holistic clean living philosophy” aside from tips on how to yield the herbal elements from the cannabis plant in order to make the various cannabis products there are hemp-based moisturizers, homemade beauty scrubs and hair treatments — even tips readers can use to elevate their yoga routines.

From the inside of the front hard-cover, an advisory alerts the potential hazards that could incur with improper use and should be regarded.

“This book contains general information on cannabis which is a controlled substance…the use and cultivation of cannabis and its derivative products can carry heavy penalties…research your local laws before using the information…any attempt to treat an illness using cannabis should also be done under the direction of a healthcare professional.”

Another disclaimer also details the potency and difference with ingested rather than inhaled herb.

Other than those references the book speaks to the canna-curious and the herb-familiar offering the 10 commandments of cooking with herb…number 8 — never drive after eating food infused with herb…Ever.

Filled with easy to replicate recipes Martha Stewart might be willing to showcase on her TV show with rapper Snoop Dogg, salad dressings, sauces, smoothies and the iriest of meals include grilled jerk chicken with tamarind barbecue sauce, pepper-pot soup, ital stew with spinners, salt-fish one pot, Red Stripe battered fish ‘n festival, and island potato salad.

Irascible British chef Gordon Ramsay could truly appreciate some of the scrumptious desserts such as rum raisin and grape nuts ice cream, citrus ginger sorbet with raise-up raspberry sauce, gingery carrot cake with pineapple and cashews, sticky sweet potato pudding with coconut ‘conkalonk’ topping, Marley Passion cheesecake, Ovaltine biscuits and baked and glazed pumpkin-ginger donuts.

And each member of the five co-hosts of ABC-TV’s “The Chew” mid-day cooking talkfest could benefit from the bonuses in the book which adds beauty regimen to any menu offering an aloe hemp exfoliator, citrus-ginger sugar scrub, aloe and sugar body scrub, pumpkin face scrub, banana-honey face ask, skin glow scrub and strong shine hair treatment.

Lyrics from hits by the first Third World Superstar punctuate each page with quotations pertinent to the presented diet.

Released on the 71st anniversary of the birth of her mother Rita, the book also features a line from the hit single — “One Draw” — echoing “hey Rastaman hey what you say, give me some of you sense.”

The wife and mother of three pour eye-candy onto every other page with beautiful pictures vibrant and colorful.

In chapters and easy to read verses she breaks down “How I talk to my kids about Herb.”

“It is for adults only…whether you have kids or not!

Keep herb-enhanced foods out of childrens’ reach just as you would alcohol…”

Described as a wellness guru Cedella Marley admits to using cannabis, for meditation practices and makes claim of its restorative and spiritual properties.

She credits cannabis with playing a role in her wellness regimen, whether it’s in healing benefits of cannabis safely and pleasurably.

“Cooking with Herb” will teach readers to use and enjoy cannabis in a manner that’s enlightened, respectful and responsible.

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