‘Conflict and Compromise’ project winners

Malaysia Smith’s poster entitled: Compromise and Conflict “Women in the Military.”
Yolanda Smith

Two American-born siblings, of Caribbean and African American parentage, have won the “Conflict and Compromise” project in District 29’s History Fair in Queens.

Third grade and kindergarten pupils Quinn Smith, 8, and Malaysia Smith 6, respectively, of The Rosedale School, or PS 38Q, were recently recognized by Principal Julia Soussis for their remarkable achievements, according to the students’ mom, Yolanda Smith, whose father hails from Trinidad and Tobago and mother from the southern United States. The students’ father is a Guyanese native.

Ms. Smith said that, after Soussis recognized the students, Soussis, in turn, entered the projects in the History Fair.

Ms. Smith said the recognition was given to “honor two children from each grade level with the most outstanding projects on the subject.”

“The students are being (were) recognized for their efforts put forth into the projects – the content of the written portion, as well as the aesthetic appeal of the project,” she told Caribbean Life.

“The school is honored to have the students and their projects represent them in the District History Fair,” she added, expressing joy about her children’s attainment.

“The students were ecstatic and proud that their hard work and dedication paid off,” continued Ms. Smith about her children’s accomplishment.

She also credited Nicky’s Little Sprouts D.C., Inc., a day care center in Laurelton, Queens, for helping to build her children’s foundation and for continuing to education them.

“They, too, deserve recognition,” Ms. Smith said.

In addition to being students at P.S. 38Q, she said Quinn and Malaysia have been attending Nicky’s Little Sprouts D.C. for the past five years and are currently enrolled in the day care’s after-school program.

“As the director of Nicky’s Little Sprouts D.C., Inc., I am very proud and elated for my students, Quinn and Malaysia Smith, to be recognized for their outstanding achievements,” said Guyanese Shaundell Agrippa, who earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Brooklyn College.

“Hard work and diligence do pay off,” she added, stating that, while Quinn and Malaysia are “smart,” their successes began at Nicky’s Little Sprouts D.C., “as toddlers, to where they are now in third grade and kindergarten.”

Ms. Agrippa said “the learning process is fostered toward high academic achievement” in her after-school program.

Ms. Smith said both children are “academically at the top of their class,” stating that, last year, “Quinn’s reading ability allowed him to transition into a bridge class one grade level above his current grade level.

“Malaysia is the academic superstar in her current kindergarten class,” she added. “She receives an advanced level of work, as opposed to the remainder of her class.”

Quinn Smith posing with his poster and the ribbon on his shirt reads, “Community District Education Council 29Q History for scholar.”
Yolanda Smith

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