Colors of Power showcases ‘Butterflies of Colors’

Rachel Medard portrays “Colors of Mating.”
Photo by Nelson A. King

The Colors of Power is debuting in this year’s West Indian American Day Carnival Association’s (WIADCA) Parade with “Butterflies of Colors.”

Trinidadian Rachel Medard, who founded Colors of Power with Michelle Hall and Shawn Brown, told Caribbean Life that the band chose “Butterflies of Colors” because “butterflies are beautiful, graceful, always a delight to see.”

Medard said butterflies are “free to roam and are beautiful.”

She added that the life a butterfly “must go through a lot of transformations before being that beautiful, free to fly.”

Medard said “Butterflies of Colors” comprises five sections: Orchid Blue Butterfly; Pink Paradise; Colorful Mischief; Mating of Colors; and Under the Ice.

She said while Under the Ice is not a butterfly, it is “a special bonus from a good friend, named Zion.”

“We are a small band now coming out on our own, with no sponsors – just three hard working mothers, who love our culture,” Medard said.

She said the sections are females only, adding: “Hopefully, we will get bigger and are able to make both male and female costumes.”

On the Parkway, Medard said the band hopes to perform to the best of its ability “and have fun.”

“It is all about enjoying yourself and always remembering the moments,” she said.

“For a small first-time band, we are very proud of ourselves,” she added. “Preparations are going to plan. We got great support from my good ‘sistren’ Michelle Williams, and Lisa Jones. So far, so good.”

Medard said Colors of Power will have its “own truck, with our own DJ.”

The mas camp is located at 1011 Rogers Ave. in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Medard can be reached at (347) 493-4213.

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